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Superconducting Maglev Train Model

It might look like a regular model train, but when you take a closer look it really isn't anything regular about it. It's a replica of the Maglev (Superconducting Magnetic Levitation) train that uses liquid nitrogen and superconductivity to make the little train actually float. I sure want one of those for Christmas. :pray:

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Comments for Superconducting Maglev Train Model


I want to make one! :cool:

but how? :doh: :wall: :think: :wall: :wall: :wall: :evil: :wall:
posted by Jake at Wednesday, February-06-2008 21:24pm


lo ke pasa es ke kiero hacer un modelode tren maglev para la feria cientifica de mi colegio
y aunke he leido bastante y entiendo los principios de funcionamiento de se como empesar
por lo pronto se ke se puede hacer de 2 formas con solo imanes
o con imanes ,superconductores y nitrogeno likido
la verdad prefiero hacerlode nitrogeno
pero no se como hacerlo
por favor un poco de ayuda :P :D
posted by dhan at Tuesday, July-01-2008 00:37am


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posted by Jacob at Monday, November-10-2008 14:19pm


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posted by gsdhdcf at Friday, December-17-2010 19:53pm


how do you do this
posted by person at Monday, February-07-2011 23:23pm

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