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The Amazing Superfluid Helium

At temperatures very close to absolute zero, some very very odd properties can be seen with helium. It goes into an almost "supernatural" state, called superfluid. In this state, it can pass through glass, climb walls and perform other things that simply defy physics.

As Wikipedia tries to explain us:
Superfluidity is a phase of matter or description of heat capacity in which "unusual" effects are observed when liquids, typically of helium-4 or helium-3, overcome friction by surface interaction when at a stage, known as the "lambda point" for helium-4, at which the liquid's viscosity becomes zero.
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Comments for The Amazing Superfluid Helium

Jus 'throwing it out there'

Does helium at absolute zero stop being affected by physical gravity and become 'gravity zero' material and only then effected by the earths magnetic core (hence the fountain effect)? after the zero viscosity point.

Could you pull radioactive molecules apart at absolute zero to add them to other base elements to nutralise the effect of radiation?
Using of course more powerfulelectro magnets.
posted by Hargreaves at Monday, July-20-2009 12:30pm


Helium will still be affected by gravity even at absolute zero, because it still has mass (anything with mass is affected by gravity). The frictionless fountain means that the force of the liquid falling into the pool from above pushed more liquid up through spout and round again without any friction, so it would continue unaided without stopping (usually for a water fountain there would be some sort of pump needed to force the water up through the spout).

As for the radioactive molecules idea, sounds very intriguing! good idea but cant really comment on it as i dont know if its possible!

Hope this helps your questions!
posted by Rossco at Saturday, September-05-2009 16:11pm

hmm just wanna know

:wall: :think: :pray: :hand: :doh: :clap: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :( :) im sorry i was really bored but im acctually trying to find out some amazing facts most people dont know about helium for a project
posted by cant say at Friday, November-20-2009 02:11am

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