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How To Make Infinite Money In Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is one of the best car simulators on the market right now. With a huge map and an incredible feeling, there's no wonder it has so many fans, and when you add the multiplayer races (Massively Open Online Racing) it's pretty much the best you can wish for .. as long as you have lots of money in the game to buy all the cars and houses you want. And that, my friend can be quite a challenge.

But here's a simple way you can make unlimited money really easy without the use of any cheat or trainer!
All you need to do is get to the Champion level, buy a Ferrari Enzo about ($650.000), get a level 3 tuning package (about $250.000) and then find the speed challenge "180mph in heavy traffic".

You'll finish the race in about 15 seconds. The best part is that you can repeat the race as many times as you want, so you can make $1 million in about 10 minutes!

Here's a little video to make it more clear:

If you like Test Drive Unlimited, you can buy it cheap from Amazon.
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Comments for How To Make Infinite Money In Test Drive Unlimited

Another race

There's also a speed race for $75,000 but it's a bit harder, so if you just look for easy money, the one in this video is simply perfect for you. :D
posted by Indy at Tuesday, January-29-2008 07:18am


hi, i#m at expert but i cant find this cahllenge, is it available on the PC version? (thats what i#m using)
posted by squishy at Friday, October-10-2008 09:29am

easy money

If you sell a car online for 1 million eventially the game will buy it and thats how to make easy money!
posted by me at Sunday, November-02-2008 23:07pm


hi i only expert and want to get 2 champion fast. But i need some 1 to tell me what achivments i need to get there please help :roll: :)
posted by Jj at Sunday, January-25-2009 09:05am

Reply to Help (Jj)

Hey. If you want to get to champion and you just became expert, complete around 20 acheivments or so. My friend had that problem, we completed around twenty and we became champions ( access to test track and Hardcore Mode). Hope this helps! :hand:
posted by AJ at Sunday, March-08-2009 13:08pm


im using tdu version 1.45 and i have a trainer for it which does awesome cheats except for infinite cash. i have downloaded a trainer for tdu version 1.66 and that has a cheat which allows you to get 1.7 billion, yes thats right billion not million, and a whole lot of other cheats, but like i said, ive got version 1.45 so go figure.

if you want one of those trainers email me at [email protected] and just ask me for it and i will reply to you within a week, if you are going to do that then also it would be helpful to tell me which version you want i.e. version 1.45 or 1.66
posted by TDU PC at Sunday, April-12-2009 06:23am


by the way im using tdu on the pc (computer)
posted by TDU PC at Sunday, April-12-2009 06:24am

wuts the tdu

what is this tdu download i want a bollian dollars :o
posted by jacob at Friday, June-12-2009 16:49pm

f*** your mum

f*** ur mum u bastards :evil:
posted by your mum at Tuesday, July-14-2009 15:47pm

where do i tune the car

i know in a tuning shop but i cant find it :wall:
posted by lolz at Monday, September-07-2009 06:10am

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