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Techno granny on ecstasy

It's no secret Russian folks are a bit crazy, but this granny is by far one of the best I've seen. It's hard to say if she had a dose of ecstasy before this video, but one thing is for sure: she loves raving. Techno granny FTW! :D

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Comments for Techno granny on ecstasy

great dancer

This lady is probably 60 and lived for so long under a totalitarian state
that the raver girl in her was suppressed until she heard these great tunes. Go granny go. go go go go granny. Or she might be an old burner on tour.
posted by Guest at Monday, January-28-2008 00:29am

Goooooo, granny!

You show 'em, girl :clap:
posted by Indy at Tuesday, January-29-2008 07:11am


that was the best thing I have seen all day. 2 points for that lady. :clap:
posted by Dunlap at Sunday, February-10-2008 21:26pm


the red fat-men reunion.
posted by physical at Tuesday, March-11-2008 19:09pm


i want to be her when i grow up. she rocks my socks.
posted by pianochick at Thursday, March-13-2008 17:33pm

Clueless Camera-Guy

If you watch, the first five plus seconds are spent filming the stage and panning the crowd. The old woman does show up, but until someone points her out, it's as if the camera operator didn't realize what he had in front of him. Thank God he he does, because it rocks. Girl can get down like no one since Disco Dottie. :clap:
posted by LiquidGeneration at Thursday, March-13-2008 20:12pm


The frightening thing is; I know a few old ladies who are a bit mental, and if this woman's anything like them, she's probably NOT on ecstasy XD
posted by TheGabe at Friday, March-14-2008 16:16pm


Haa Yeah you go girl.. Granny having it large
posted by Judger at Friday, March-14-2008 22:34pm


What's the song called?
posted by Timmy at Tuesday, April-15-2008 07:25am


song is Public Domain - Operation Blade
posted by Guest at Wednesday, July-16-2008 02:02am

very interesting

Granny Go!!! :clap:
posted by Guest at Monday, July-28-2008 03:33am


You idiots-this is a photoshopped video of "Right Said Fred" with an underdub of "I'm too sexy for my shirt" done at the Alphabet City Auditorium in the russion section of Coney Island, Brooklyn!(double exclamation points used in conjunction with "photoshopped" patent pending)
******shopkeeper-patrolling the web, so you don't have to!*****
posted by Shopkeeper at Sunday, August-03-2008 02:09am


The song is Phat Bass by Warp Bros, it is on the DJ Skribble Essential spring break - summer album 2001. (Danm I miss that album). I don't see how this could be photo shopped, and yes the word photo and shopped are two separate words- so for the guy calling everyone idiots should look in a mirror v.v f*cking fag, he'll show you homo >.< As for the Granny, nothing but kudos and props ^_^ apparently she's a better entertainer the peeps on stage!
posted by Ms.Lucia at Wednesday, August-06-2008 03:00am

I'm sexy

No s***, this is photoshopped? :roll:
posted by Kaitlyn at Friday, August-08-2008 13:59pm


Clearly, age is just a number.
posted by M. at Monday, November-03-2008 22:02pm


In Europe, East and West, you'll note how fast seem to women age, possibly partially because no one ever seems to wear suntan lotion. 20 looks like 30, 40 looks like 60.

That granny is probably only really about 40.
posted by Traveller at Tuesday, December-23-2008 04:10am

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