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The Most Spoiled Girl In The World

Her name is Alicia Guastaferro and trust me, she is the most spoiled girl in the world, and here's a quote to prove it:
"I feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous."

Guess what, her nickname is Blondie. I wonder why.
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Comments for The Most Spoiled Girl In The World

why she is most spoiled girl in the world.

what is she , she is , we are not able to comment with any one think why she is like that ok.
posted by anoop shrivastava at Monday, February-18-2008 13:04pm


sorry, but i dont believe in this video. this is f***ing impossible, i have to work to study and this girl dont do a sh*t in life, only receiving gifts?! :o

(sorry but my mistakes, i'm not english)
posted by impossible at Monday, February-18-2008 20:23pm

What an idiot

I so feel sorry for her.
posted by Kate at Monday, February-18-2008 21:31pm


posted by Jake at Tuesday, February-19-2008 08:57am


someone show this video to her teachers....and then i really hope she gets expelled for not doing any hw herself. wtf is wrong with these ppl???!
posted by secuono at Friday, February-22-2008 05:51am

That explains it!

I didn't believe this at first but when I heard she was from Williamsville, NY it all made sense. Swanky little suburb of Buffalo where all the wealthy and spoiled people live. They're even listed in the phone book.
posted by Amati at Saturday, February-23-2008 14:06pm

no way...

well atleast i now know a plus side to nuclear warfare....
posted by g at Tuesday, February-26-2008 01:07am

Dear god this is why theres terrorists

Dear god. How is she gonna survive out side of high school. And g i love you that is so true....

I'm officially p***ed off :evil:
posted by cp! at Thursday, February-28-2008 23:04pm


this girl is a waste of human life and i hope shes reading this. she can go and die for all the world cares. she needs a biggggg reality check shes not even pretty
posted by d at Monday, November-10-2008 23:20pm

kaleigha !

Omg, you guys, i am just like her, but less, you cant really judge her. it kinda is ALL about being popular....n stuff.....!
posted by Kaleigha at Sunday, March-08-2009 17:04pm

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