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Awesome Fluid Dancing

I'm sure you've seen many talented dancers, but this one is much more special. His movement is so fluid you can swear he's a lava lamp-man.

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Comments for Awesome Fluid Dancing


Bad ass
posted by no-esc at Saturday, February-23-2008 19:35pm


dance jelly boy dance!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, February-26-2008 14:21pm


That isn't very good =[ :think:
posted by zero-kill at Wednesday, February-27-2008 01:21am


point :o
posted by what at Wednesday, February-27-2008 01:48am

Lava kid!

This guy has way too much free time, and way too less girlfriend :clap:
posted by Mishaelle at Friday, February-29-2008 17:18pm


He's pretty choppy.
posted by Cat at Friday, February-29-2008 21:51pm


Not really all that good. Look up David Elsewhere if you want to see some real talent.
posted by Matt at Friday, February-29-2008 23:04pm


Wow. Absolutely amazing muscle control. Forget the "Hot Topic" wankers with their hate; this guy has great taste in music and an equally great way of interpreting it. I'd even go so far as to say this is as revolutionary as the moves shown in the Talking Heads video, "Crosseyed and Painless"... which was WAY ahead of its time.
posted by shelly at Saturday, March-01-2008 02:29am

Give the Man Glowsticks !!

Whart's the name of thst song ??
posted by CLAIRE at Saturday, March-01-2008 03:53am


dat boy gots no backbone !
posted by paulfre at Saturday, March-01-2008 14:47pm

What is The Song Playing??

It's awesome and catchy!!
posted by CLAIRE at Tuesday, March-04-2008 04:36am

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