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Two-year-old living geocoder

Meet Lily - a very cute 2 years old girl that is better at geography than you. And if you don't believe it, watch it for yourself.

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Comments for Two-year-old living geocoder

Adorably depressing

I am suddenly inspired to study geography so as to stop looking like the moron I am! This girl is amazing.

Though it's kind of sad near the end when she clearly just wants to play with mommy and daddy and they keep asking her to point out countries. Granted, she is going to be a genius...
posted by Brittany at Wednesday, February-27-2008 17:37pm

Lowly human

I'm soooo disappointed,
because I saw the video a couple of days ago and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to show it to a family member whom I know would get a BIG kick (major thrill) out of little lily's superb powers of recall. But when I tried to play it, all I got was an error message with no other explanation ! Is anyone else having the same problem? Did they pull the video? What happened !!!?
I will wait 'till tomorrow to try a different computer from the office hoping that maybe I'll be able to send the link via E-mail.
posted by AL at Wednesday, June-04-2008 04:27am


The video is available again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
posted by Indy at Wednesday, June-04-2008 04:52am

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