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Hunter owned by deer

I have no idea why some people call themselves hunters when the only thing they manage to get is a good beating from the poor animals ... like this dude who got owned by a deer he intended to hunt.

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Comments for Hunter owned by deer

To bad

To bad the hunter didn't get an arrow off before the deer decided to come after him. Looks like one tasteee piece of deer meat to me!
posted by Hunter at Friday, March-28-2008 14:11pm


is a shenanagans video. Guy has this deer on a "farm" he owns & staged the event.
posted by snocone at Friday, March-28-2008 15:00pm


When I hunt I always carry a .38 special revolver and a sharp knife. If that deer tried that crap with me he would have been gut shot or at least scared away with the sound of the gun shot. Also why didn't the camera person just drop the camera and rush the deer? The deer would have freaked if some manic loudly came charging at him.
posted by tru hunter at Friday, March-28-2008 15:31pm


Staged the event? Yeah, that's likely. Next he'll willingly be mauled by a bear and have his jumblies fed to piranhas.
posted by Guest at Friday, March-28-2008 15:45pm


too bad the deer didn't finish him off.
posted by jesus at Friday, March-28-2008 17:30pm

Response to Karma....

You sound like a "Tree Hugging, PETA Banger".. You would rather have the man die instead of the deer. You dumb donkey!
posted by Hunter at Friday, March-28-2008 18:03pm

Response to Hunter...

Hey, it's a sport, right? Everyone gets to choose which team to root for. I tend to root for the deer as well.
posted by chansen at Friday, March-28-2008 18:55pm

Response to Chansen

You are absolutely right.. But when a person has a choice to choose between a human life and an animal life and chooses the animal life I think they are insane. The comment " too bad the deer didn't finish him off" is insane. Then the idiot calls himself Jesus. I'll bet my left testy that he/she belongs to PETA.
posted by Hunter at Friday, March-28-2008 19:05pm

He deserved it

My brother-in-law was neighbors with the guy in WA. Yes, he raised deer. Yes he sprayed himself with scent and it obviously backfired. Bonus fact - the guy would patrol his property on horseback, with a shotgun, naked. As to the commenter who mentioned getting mauled by a bear, it wouldn't surprise me. He had one of those he was raising also.

Why did I title my comment he deserved it? Because this douche also shot two of my brother-in-laws's dogs because they came close to his property.
posted by Badfish at Saturday, March-29-2008 01:27am


Staged, Pity it wasn't real, If you were the deer u would do the same, No?
Kill Deer for food then no problem, Kill it with a weapon for sport your a fkn low life!
And to u others, U think human life is the be all and end all, Your ignorant, All life is precious, even bacteria/germs. U have literally billions in/on your body that keep YOU functioning/alive, Which makes one realise just what exactly is a human life?
More than half u dimwits realise i think!
posted by Guest at Monday, March-31-2008 11:25am

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