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DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table

Fletcher Capstan Table: Dinner Party Transformer

With a simple 30-degree rotation, the Fletcher Capstan Table expands by 73%, growing from a capacity of 6 to 12 people in seconds. just looks really cool doing it.

Now that's the table I want!
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Comments for DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table

Project Manager

I want one of these tables how do i go about getting one ???
Please let me know [email protected] 571-309-6447
posted by Charles Thomas at Monday, March-17-2008 21:59pm

Braun Woodline

Hello !

Have a look here,

Braun Woodline presents you the first line of Round Expanding Tables endowed with an exclusive and patented mechanism allowing the table to remain perfectly circular in its spread position !
Finish with the constraints related to a Round Table which becomes oval when you foresee a big banquet. Innovative and unique, the Braun Woodline Expanding Table is stretchable and keeps its circular shape to accommodate up to 16 dinner guests when it is deployed.
posted by TrendsNow at Tuesday, March-18-2008 11:21am


im a cabinet maker in aussi and i would like to know how do i find the running gear for that table. Cheers
posted by glen at Saturday, June-07-2008 22:31pm

achat table

comment acheter une table ronde extensible en france
posted by Bourgoignon at Wednesday, October-08-2008 16:39pm


what is the price of this table
posted by czechu at Thursday, January-15-2009 10:37am

Where to buy

You can buy them from here:

They don't show a price, but you can contact them.
posted by Indy at Thursday, January-15-2009 12:53pm

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