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Cool > Wednesday, April-30-2008

Revenge is best served cold

This girl was just asking for trouble:

And she sure got it:

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Comments for Revenge is best served cold


I would have done that the other way around. Slap her in the face, and shove the plate up her ass. :D
posted by Brian at Wednesday, April-30-2008 21:15pm


Those two morons deserve one another.
posted by Raijer at Thursday, May-01-2008 17:33pm


that bitch deserved what she got :clap:
posted by kai at Friday, May-02-2008 22:44pm

yah bitch yah

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :) :) :) :)
that was f***in awesome
posted by Ty at Wednesday, June-25-2008 02:36am


those two girls aren't the same girls... no way.

:think: :think: :hand: :hand: :clap: :clap: :doh: :doh: :doh:
posted by johnny at Friday, July-11-2008 17:45pm

no, sorry dude

douchebag went way too far :hand:
posted by jwp at Sunday, July-13-2008 22:00pm

He's probably single now...

What a douche.
posted by A at Thursday, July-17-2008 17:20pm

They need more to do..

they have too much time on their hands. :evil:
posted by Sammy at Friday, July-18-2008 05:21am

He went so easy on her.

The chick bangs him over the head with a goddamn BAKING SHEET, and all he does is spank her and shove some whipped cream in her face. >:/ He went so easy on her.
posted by Cat at Sunday, July-20-2008 23:48pm

Waaaaay too easy...

I think he should have slit her throat, then s*** down her new throat opening...
posted by jon at Wednesday, July-23-2008 17:40pm


These two have a beautiful future together.....if they survive the honeymoon...:D
posted by Some guy at Wednesday, July-23-2008 21:36pm


She deserved it. He went too easy on her though. :doh:
posted by Cray at Thursday, July-24-2008 04:06am


posted by anon at Thursday, July-24-2008 05:12am


penis :cool: :cool: :cool:
posted by nizzy at Sunday, July-27-2008 18:48pm

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