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Lucy Pinder vs Keeley Hazell

Lucy Pinder and Keeley Hazell are both very very sexy women, not to mention the awesome boobies eyes, but sometimes it's really hard to choose between them. So here's a head to head comparison with both and we'll let you choose for yourself.

Lucy Pinder

Keeley Hazell

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Comments for Lucy Pinder vs Keeley Hazell

Lucy Pinder is boodilicious and hot

Just as I said Lucy Pinder is boodilicious and hot and there is no one on this planet who could be like her. She is too sexy and doesn't let me sleep at night. I cant stop thinking about her and cant stop wanting her....oh!!!why is life like that.....
posted by Mushfiq at Saturday, December-13-2008 10:42am

It's Tough!!!

Trying to decide which of these 2 is better is tough. They both have good points and bad... no they don't have bad points at all! Lucy is all about those massive 32G beauties, but she has a sweet face and body too. Keeley's 32E boobs are so addictive you just cannot take your eyes off them. She also has a fit body and a delightfully gorgeous face. I would still choose Lucy though, just because of those boobs. However, Keeley is so close behind it's unbelievable. I think they should do a photo shoot together, then we wouldn't have to compare!!!
posted by Y4$inh0 at Wednesday, May-20-2009 16:04pm


please sen lucy's sexy picture to my email
posted by popo at Wednesday, June-03-2009 06:42am

I've Changed My Mind

I've been 'studying' these two babes over the past month and I've decided that Keeley is the better of the two. This is because Keeley has the complete package - gorgeous face, fit body, perfect boobs and stunning legs. Lucy on the other hand, has only got the boobs. She isn't the complete package like Keeley, who is simply amazing!!!
posted by Y4$inh0 at Wednesday, June-24-2009 10:12am

Keeley's Pulled Further Away

I now think that Keeley has pulled further ahead of Lucy in this battle of boobalicious babes. This is because Keeley has made some notable appearances on Page 3, where she looked amazing!!! This is a perfect example:- Go to, click archive and go to September 3rd 2009. This is Keeley (who turned 23 yesterday - Happy Birthday babe!), at her very best. I'm not saying that Lucy is bad, oh no. I would happily sit here and masturbate over Lucy all day. But Keeley is just better. Simple as that!
posted by Y4$inh0 at Saturday, September-19-2009 13:10pm


Actually, I have just masturbated over Lucy. I just couldn't resist this picture:-
AAAAAAHHHHHH! Thanks Lucy! :D :D :D
posted by Y4$inh0 at Saturday, September-19-2009 16:05pm


I alway masturbate when i see her pic.
posted by Her boobs made me crazy!! at Thursday, October-01-2009 17:57pm


They are the best bodies one wud have seen in lifetime... lucy - lovely boobies.. keeley - amazingly gorgeous and beautiful boobs.. cant stop masturbating seeing them..
posted by lucy fan at Tuesday, October-06-2009 12:28pm

Two r God gifted

I want 2 make girlfriend with these two girl.Then I'll do whtever i want.Bcoz both of them r too sexy & sizzling.I just want 2 have romance with them till my satisfaction is fulfilled :pray:
posted by Vicky at Saturday, October-24-2009 20:32pm

Wait A Minute...

Hang on a minute! I've been 'researching' these babes a bit more (and had a LOT of fun in the process!!) and I now think Lucy has closed the gap. I don't just think she's all boobs anymore, but a complete (gorgeous) package. However, I'm still with Keeley though, but you never know what's going to happen. More time spent looking through Lucy's pictures could change my mind!! In fact, I'm going to look through some now and I'll try not to....oh no, too late. My hand just slipped down. I can't help it with these two on my screen!!! :clap: :clap:
posted by Y4$inh0 at Sunday, December-27-2009 15:05pm

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