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I feel quitty

This is Sarah Palin's resignation song by Hockey Mama for Obama.

I feel quitty
Oh so quitty
I feel quitty and pretty and free
Gonna riddy poor Alaskas government of me

They indict me
And ignite me
Wanna fight me? I quit 123!
They can bite me_ Higher calling has a job for me!
(I told ya God was in control ---but not last time)

See the hockey mom in the mirror now
Whatll that ol maverick do?
Will this pitbull bark?
Im a question mark
Quitting on a lark
Shooting in the dark
Or am I a shark?
Do I have a clue?

Well, lets see here, what should I do now that Im takin a permanent vacation from the job I swore on the Bible to do? I could go back to college and learn a first language.
I could borrow a newspaper and bone up on foreign policy
I could work on my book (just as soon as I find an editor ta finish my sentences for me)
I heard Miss California is hiring
I could evolve (Oh yeah, real americans dont DO that)
I could build a bridge from the Appalachian trail to the continent of Argentina!

But, you know, Seems to me the Republican party has finally found the one person who can make Bush seem like he was articulate and competent---Me!

So, REAL Americans, lets stop wastin time talkin about silly things like health care reform and civil rights and global warming. We could shore up the economy if we just got rid of THAT stuff! I dont wanna waste ONE DIME of the REAL americans taxpayers?If I were president, you BETCHA there would be a pot in every chicken, and oil in every SUV!

Im just packin up my cares and woes in my old kit bag and (wink) leavin it on Alaskas front porch and goin for it, America!

I feel tricky
And mavericky
Tricky Dicky has nothin on me
Gordon Liddys gonna roast and eat a rat for me

Irregardless of my experience
Standard bearer for GOP (thats me!)
I can raise the cash
Even wear my sash
make a bigger splash
than Mitt .Rom-a-ney!

I feel perky
Kind of smirky
Just conveniently serving .myself
Gonna start on my Campaign for two-thousand te-e-e-e-e-n!

Oh, its 2012? Oh CRAP! I quit that governor job early cuz I thought I was runnin in 2010.
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