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Meteor strike

It's hard to say if it is a real or fake video, but it sure looks convincing. Let's face it, not every day you get to see a meteorite falling out of the sky in front of you (and while you're filming).

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Comments for Meteor strike


First things first, it's obviously fake:

- meteorites are made of rock or iron (not coal) and don't burn easily. If burning they are going *very* fast,

supersonic basically and the dust and flame is the outer layers burning off through friction.

- if that fast, it is going to blow a pretty sizable crater and these guys were unharmed even though they're only a

few meters away.

- the thing is not going very fast, a little faster than a baseball pitch - that is not fast enough for it to be


- note also the funny bits of "wreckage" flying about, they are both large and travel very slowly and only a short

distance. Any real impact would blow small bits of rock at very high velocity - think shrapnel, these guys would be


- note reaction of the participants, even the bang they stage would be quite frightening enough to put anyone in

shock for at least a minute or two if they weren't expecting it. In real life, nobody would be high fiving.

Secondly:- it was made by an advertiser for the Toyota Tacoma. You can see it on their site at
posted by Guest at Monday, January-08-2007 15:32pm

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