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Why People Believe Americans Are Stupid

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posted by Guest at Thursday, January-11-2007 14:51pm

I am ashamed!

I am ashamed these are my country men :-/ . However, we are not all as uneducated as depicted here. I also wonder how heavily this was edited.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-12-2007 04:27am


First I want this assholes email addy so I can ask him to do the same quizzes in Australia..

Second f*** YOU!
posted by Guest at Friday, January-12-2007 16:20pm

Funny (in a sad way)

How embarrassing! Still, you know they only showed the stupid people...there are others, like myself, you do know what is going on in the world.

Still, so hilarious that some people bought into that guy being John Major! So fuuny!
posted by Guest at Friday, January-12-2007 17:16pm


Hehe nice video. :lol:
posted by Guest at Friday, January-12-2007 18:49pm

Business Owner

I can believe these answers. There are a large number of US citizens that do not know the basics. You could use any topic and get the same reaction from lame brains. That's why there are cubicals for the average person/monkey and Entrepreneur's like myself that get things right. Have a nice lunch break monkeys.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-12-2007 21:17pm

Mr. Common Sense

The British are pretty stupid, too. They're flooding their country with the garbage from the Third World while white Britons flee overseas. Most Americans are brain dead but so are the rest of the people in Europe, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. These others may have "knowledge" but lack common sense and character which makes them as useless as Americans. The people who are flooding Britain with immigrants are probably the most knowledgeable people living there.
posted by Guest at Saturday, January-13-2007 12:07pm

How many sides does a triangle have?

Unless he was lucky, he would have had to ask 500 average sober people "how many sides are in a triangle" before getting those stupid answers. Was he interviewing outside a tavern?

This video could have been produced (cut and pasted together) in any country/language.

If Americans were really all that stupid, we'd still be a British colony! Ha!
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-14-2007 04:33am

land of the fee and the slave

I love the one who is announcing the question to everybody.
"Country starts with u! " "Currency in Untied Kingdom! ".

Thank you America.
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-14-2007 09:43am

I just have 2 words for them

Normandy Beach
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-14-2007 18:25pm


Why there are some people angry about this video, casue when we saw Mr Bush being relected as president of the USA, the rest of the world did not need this video to understand that US citizens are .... (fill the void), the same goes for the clinton and monica' story


a French man who is also a Citizen of the EU (European Union)
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-14-2007 19:40pm


so sad to see...

that fake map was brilliant, though.
posted by Guest at Monday, January-15-2007 03:11am


I will be the first to admit that Americans have their heads up their azzes. I can also take a joke. What's really scary is that people who actually are that stupid vote vote in droves.
posted by Guest at Monday, January-15-2007 15:33pm


I think part of the problem is the resentment people outside the U.S. feel against Americans is due partly to the fact that they know everything about the U.S. but most Americans couldn't point out their country on a map. LOL. There was a poll taken in America asking who was the Prime Minister of Canada. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could even name any Canadian, much less the current Prime Minister. It's not just that they're stupid, they just don't care. Sorry, hate to break it to you, Americans don't care about anything anymore.
posted by Guest at Tuesday, January-16-2007 02:45am

I guess we are stupid...

like all the times we bail out Europe, saving it from the Kaiser, the Nazis, the Soviets, and now we are trying to save Europe from Islamic Terrorism. Regarding the last point, Europe, specifically Western Europens are too stupid to accept our help, as they continue to import immigrants from Muslim Country's that have no desire to assimulate and allow Iran to aquire nuclear weaponary. Off course us Americans will probably have to come to Europe's aid when its about to be overrun by Islamonazis, at that time hundreds of thousands will die in Europe, as us Stupid Americans are called in to finght another war to save Europe's Arsh.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-19-2007 23:38pm


Proof why the moron W Bush was re-elected. :wall: :evil: Anyone catch the homeless person answering tons of countries? They'll tell you anything you want to hear. Speaking of W(orst President ever), I couldn't tell you what countries are in the axis of evil as that's his moronic label. (I'm sure N Korea _on the Korean Penninsula), Iran, and Iraq are in there. Wonder if he'll ever announce that Iraq is no longer part of that when we pull out just like we did with Viet Nam. Not fair asking Texans. That state is FULL of morons.

The mis-labeled map is hilarious.

So, I'd love to do that with the other countries including the Aussies and see what they come up with.

Feeling like I'm surrounded by morons,
Pecos Bill, Colorado, USA.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-26-2007 05:20am

Answer to Proof!! above

"Feeling like I'm surrounded by morons, Pecos Bill, Colorado, USA."
Pecos Bill you feel that way because your family including your parents that brought you into this world are Morons. There are not many good reasons for abortion but you would have been one! Look around yourself!!
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-28-2007 18:24pm


And these are the people who vote. We're doomed.
posted by Guest at Friday, February-02-2007 23:53pm


Americans = Stupids.
no more can be said...
thos who know a country started with U (not counting USA) LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

well the video may been edited to look this way, but still you coudnt get this stupidity in anywhere in the world, but now this way, its trully homemade American stupidity...
posted by Guest at Thursday, February-15-2007 12:45pm


best statement: "whatever he (bush) thinks is right - he´s from texas !"
ROOOOOOOOOOOOOFL, nothing to add.........
posted by Guest at Wednesday, April-04-2007 22:47pm

A bit over-done

This also shows WHY the world sees American's as stupid.. it only showcases the ones who don't get the questions right, gee i wonder how many DID get the questions right... up against myself i got every one.. so i know i'm not the only intelligent person in the United States.
posted by Guest at Thursday, August-16-2007 16:53pm

Are you an Awareican or a DOH-merican?

Wow, these people are so stupid.
I'm a proud Australian. I know there are people out in America who are smart, for I live in America, but gosh, these people are absolute idiots. They need to stop focusing on Weapons of Mass Distraction (Distraction, not Destruction), such as all of the Celebrities & Cartoons, and get an education or something. Really. America is the richest country in the world, I can't believe these people are the people who vote.
posted by One who laughs at Sunday, March-09-2008 18:47pm


Mamma mia quanto sono STUPIDI gli ameriCANI.
La cosa che forse impressiona di più della loro ignoranza e stupidità e forse che non fanno altro che mangiare e mangiare e mangiare ancora. TUTTI OBESI!!
D'altronde cosa aspettarsi da chi è della stessa razza di paris hilton, I simpson etc.....
CHE RIDERE..o forse che pena..

posted by Gian at Saturday, July-12-2008 15:29pm

mi opinion

Dios mio Oh my God!
no puedo creer lo ignorantes que son!!!
noooo!!esque no puede ser!
cuantos lados tiene un triangulo?
quien es fidel castro!
por dioss!
es demasiado,,ademas de ser incultos son re superciales,creidos discriminadores,,..etc etc etc!
este video me dejo muda,,no lo puedo creer!

besos desde Uruguay! :D
posted by Jocelyn at Saturday, July-19-2008 23:41pm

wow....most of us aren't that stupid (usually)

Yes, we do like alot of comic relief, but we dont all act that way people!!!! Why do there seem to be alot of movies like this on the net...
posted by hey there at Friday, October-10-2008 08:39am


yes american are stupid, that's why we have the top university in the world

i bet some people's country isnt even on the ranking list
posted by B at Thursday, November-06-2008 06:58am


Para empezar América es un continente completo y no solo un país. Si los estadounidences así se nombran así mismos eso ya es un indicio de estupidez e ignorancia...........además de soberbia
posted by Guest at Saturday, November-22-2008 08:37am


America is a continent not a country
Calling United States,America shows stupidity
posted by Guest at Saturday, November-22-2008 08:41am

One gr8 American

What happens, when the credit cards are maxed out, and the income doesn't even allow paying of the minimum each month? Bankruptcy. (Bankruptcies are at all time highs) What happens, when there isn't enough money to make the car payment? Repossession. (used car lots are bulging at the seams) When a government covers up plane crashes that are obviously terrorist caused, tells everyone that they were caused by wires, wind, or other absurd reasons, and pours out its currency by hundreds of billions to the unworthy, foolish, and ridiculous; is it corrupt? When a currency has lost 98% of its value in 70 years, and the presses are running 7/24, turning out unbacked bills, checks, and notes, is its currency declining?
posted by Guest at Thursday, December-11-2008 03:38am

When Countrys Learder like this

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war, in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch, and the blood boils with hate, and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear, and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all their rights unto the leader, and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."
posted by Guest at Thursday, December-11-2008 03:42am


This video sickens me. I'm ashamed to admit I live in the United States! Just wathing this video makes me feel stupid.
posted by Nicole at Sunday, February-01-2009 18:56pm

I love this man

Its genius! As a Brit and European, it shows thatthere are Americans who don't look beyond the borders. Though I am not stupid, most Americans know these things, but for the fact the stupid American stereotype, it adds strength to it!

I do feel sorry for you yanks having to put up with these idiots!
posted by Davo at Thursday, February-26-2009 01:48am

evryone is stupid

you can find just as many stupid people in any country
america is just the easiest target. since we are the worlds only
posted by greg parke at Thursday, February-26-2009 02:15am

british poll

a poll was taken of 5,000 british citizens and 2000 believe that winston churchill was a fictional character.
posted by greg parke at Thursday, February-26-2009 02:23am


I dont think americans are stupid... I KNOW they are...
they think they know everything, but at the end .. I know more things that they do.
posted by Laurie at Monday, March-23-2009 03:43am

The Americans are really stupid

The stereotypical American is very stupid. Not only that, but they have (1) annoying accents (2) they're not at all funny [see total wipeout usa then total wipeout british version] (3) Did you know that 1/3 Americans on the street point to Russia on a map and say it is America because it is bigger! (4) Americans do not speak English, considering that they cannot even spell colour!
Many Americans are also fat [mainly the same ones as the ones with annoying accents from TEXAS and other states like that] and claim not to be, whilst eating huge hamburgers.
The thing that gets me is that they claim they speak English, but the y don't! The speak either bad English or stupid American! :evil:
posted by british and proud at Sunday, April-12-2009 16:20pm

I hate Americans

" - if you even know what that means! :clap:
posted by british and proud at Sunday, April-12-2009 16:22pm


"like all the times we bail out Europe, saving it from the Kaiser, the Nazis, the Soviets, and now we are trying to save Europe from Islamic Terrorism. Regarding the last point, Europe, specifically Western Europens are too stupid to accept our help, as they continue to import immigrants from Muslim Country's that have no desire to assimulate and allow Iran to aquire nuclear weaponary. Off course us Americans will probably have to come to Europe's aid when its about to be overrun by Islamonazis, at that time hundreds of thousands will die in Europe, as us Stupid Americans are called in to finght another war to save Europe's Arsh."
Actually, we are not at all stupid and you did not save our arses in half of those wars.
posted by british and proud at Sunday, April-12-2009 16:32pm

Americans are fukin retards

f*** americans are stupid and dey fukin obese :D
posted by sammy at Thursday, April-23-2009 12:28pm

Here's the thing

Here's the problem. People NEED someone to hate and scapegoat for all the world's problems. A few decades ago it was Germany, once it was England, nowadays it's the USA. Honestly, the things people say about why they hate the USA are superficial. We have an annoying accent? WAAAA! You have an annoying accent to us. We eat too much? Fat in your country was once seen as intensely, supremely attractive. We can't spell? You can't spell!
It could go on like this forever. Lets face it, every country has strengths and weaknesses. The USA, on the one hand, helps people out whenever possible, but on the other hand, our education system sucks. England has smart people, but many of them hate the USA for stupid reasons. I could name the pros and cons for nearly every country. How about we accept that there is no perfect country and there is no terrible country (terrible in the sense of deserving ridicule) and leave it at that.
posted by Alex at Wednesday, December-02-2009 23:30pm


LOL. I can't believe how incredibly stupid americans are. They have got to be the dumbest creatures on the face of this planet.
Niggers are the worst and those apes need to be put in a zoo. Crackers have the same problem with their tiny schwangs and sexual attractions to their mothers and sisters.
posted by Nigkraker at Friday, December-04-2009 13:58pm

I agree with Alex

"How about we accept that there is no perfect country and there is no terrible country (terrible in the sense of deserving ridicule) and leave it at that."

I think this sums it up very well.

Also, Nigkraker, you're an ape as well. You're an animal and a member of the Hominidae family along with the Great Apes. Too many people refuse to accept the fact that we're just another primate species with African origins. We are all the same species, the pigmentation of our skin is derived from where someones ancestors lived. It has nothing to do with intelligence. The fact that you would show that kind of ignorance is pretty ironic considering what you've said about Americans being stupid.
posted by Shawn at Tuesday, January-12-2010 18:29pm

I figuerd it out!

Around 80% Americans have only High School education which honestly is on the same level as 7th and 8th grade in Europe. Almost 90% of the tests are multiple questions wich don't require lot of thinking and research.Kids have calculators and laptops so they don't do any problem solving in their head. Only 50% speak proper English by the time they graduate. Problem is that they are uneducated.Believe me I know, I went through High School here.
posted by markaroo at Sunday, January-24-2010 07:11am

seriously though...

the US is a country that encompasses extremes. from the best educated to the worst, from unsupported homeless to the filthy rich, from the most progressive to the most regressive thinkers. it is also the country that everyone loves to hate at the moment, which probably has more to do with them being the only super power than anything else.

the fact that we like to laugh at those less capable or educated than ourselves my be a reflection of our own insecurities but is certainly is a good laugh. sad to say though, that it wouldn't be hard to find ignorance, stupidity and bigotry in any country including mine, Australia.
posted by udi at Monday, March-01-2010 01:10am


For the person who said Normandy beach I'd like to say three more words. Gold, Juno and Sword.
posted by Guest at Monday, May-03-2010 22:35pm

Funny but a bit skewed.

Okay, I can take a hit and laugh about it. Well done, Aussies. As an American, I can also admit, shamefully, to a woefully inadequate education system mixed with an appalling apathy. However, if the geniuses on this board are so willing to believe the content of an obviously skewed comic video, then an honest assessment of their own intelligences is in order. I teach English to scholars and professionals from Europe and Asia. Believe me, ignorance of the world is not unique to Americans. MOST cannot find Sweden or Brazil on a map. Most think Iranians are Arab, etc.
posted by James Patrick at Friday, May-21-2010 21:37pm

Americans are stupid

I can't stand this nonsense of Americans trying to say they are not stupid. It is a fact that Ameica has an education system that would be considered a joke here in Europe. The exam that Americans do to get into college is mulitipal choice questions and even the most stupid person could get into college. As for the people who continue to play the ''we saved your ass in WW2'', you are clearly incapable of thinking up a proper argument because you are so stupid. As for Americans thinking that their involvement in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are somehow helping them are sadly mistaken. America has destroyed Iraq, they are in worse shape than when they started the war. I think that a survey should be taken in America to see if people are able to locate countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea on a map and see how many can locate it.

Oh, and one more thing, why do Americans correct UK english speakers when they spell words like colour, cheque and analyse!

We invented the language, just because you are too stupid to spell them the correct way does not give you the right to change it!
posted by john at Monday, May-31-2010 20:45pm


One of the many reasons why I'm moving back to China.
posted by Blah at Thursday, June-03-2010 02:56am

Stupid Brits!
posted by Tony at Sunday, July-11-2010 14:02pm

Fake video.

"Who's Fidel Castro? A Singer?"

Really? Fake video. Any idiot knows who Fidel Castro is, these people were paid.

f*** the British, arrogant f***ing twits.

Now it's a war of dialects, you guys try to sound so "smart" and yet fail.

We're stupid and yet 6/10 top universities in the world are from the US, out of 400, Harvard being number 1.

Yeah, let me go and ask some random Brits some random questions about various different countries and post it on Youtube. I bet they had no idea what they were answering for.
posted by You're all idiots. at Friday, July-23-2010 11:46am


I'm american. Most of the population in the US is completely moronic. Unfortunately, there are idiots everywhere in the world ... and they vote!
posted by James Cassidy at Sunday, August-15-2010 15:06pm


I'm really hoping this was a joke.. they only used the people that came off as idiots.

I've been raised in Florida (no, I'm not a "redneck") in 10th grade (16 years old girl) and I could have answered most of those questions.
Judging all of America based on the people in this video is like saying that everyone in the Middle East is a terrorist.

No, not every person in the US has the IQ of Einstein, nor do they all know about the rest of the world aside from their own country, but I'm sure every country has a percentage of uneducated people.

Stereotyping us like that is beyond degrading, you should really try giving us some credit. Did you ever think thats the problem? I know it's just a video, but you can't expect the kids growing up now aren't going to think that this is how you treat other countries. Blame your selves in 20 years when you still beleive the US only cares about it's self. It's called being patriotic and supporting your home, NOT degrading every indivdual that lives somewhere else.

In my opinion, the adults right now that were raised in the early 1900's aren't helping at all. A majority of them have views and opinions that aren't being taught today. My grandparents friends are very patriotic and are die hard American fans. In my school, we're being told to become well rounded and know our facts about the world so we can relate to other people, unlike those who were raised back then. Times have changed and most seem to be too closed minded to see that.

So good job showing ONE group. A 5 year old could have gone through and picked out the ones that sound stupid.
Go ask another countries morons those questions and see what answers you get.
posted by Viewer at Tuesday, October-26-2010 19:22pm


God that was good laugh...i guess americans are still as dumb as before..
btw to all the rednecks claiming europeans are stupid and you have to come to their aid....
WW2 wasn't won by USA, the flag at the reichstag was a soviet flag..
US is only useful for brute force, hence israel gets to use you like a dog, you do the dirty laundry, Israel directs you to do it.

If americans aren't stupid, how do you explain the huge amount of US govt that China owns?

posted by jjjk at Friday, December-17-2010 22:29pm


they call a game played with your hands football ffs
posted by me at Monday, February-07-2011 04:37am

History proves it

America, a country without a history, desperately trying to make one for themselves. To all Americans don't forget that your heritage is in Europe and the European settlers. You ensured the eradication of what was left of the native population through wonderful individuals such as Lieutenant Custer.
To the individual who claimed that the USA has saved us 'Westerners' from the Nazis, the Soviets, the Kaiser etc I say you are obviously blind to historical fact. The only reason America sought to get involved in the wars (WWI and WWII) was as a result of attacks upon The USA. Until the sinking of the British liner Lusitania, with 128 Americans on board, America pursued a non-interventionist policy. On top of that when the war was over the USA called in all its loans to Europe putting it on the edge of a financial abyss.
The League of Nations, the brain child of Woodrow Wilson, was set up to maintain peace and stability in Europe and during that fragile and volatile time the USA decided not to support it.
Once again other than loans, that would inevitably be cashed in after the war had finished, the USA only officially got involved in the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, where the majority of the American fleet was stationed under some genius idea. When it came to raising the flag at the Reichstag I think you will find it was the Soviets. Further still the USA advocated and employed the use of the Nuclear bomb in possibly the single most horrendous war crime in the history of humanity.
In more recent history, you, the American people have successfully elected a man who doesn't know the difference between Austria and Australia. The man who can only be summed up by his quote "I want it to be said that the Bush administration was a results-oriented administration, because I believe the results of focusing our attention and energy on teaching children to read and having an education system that's responsive to the child and to the parents, as opposed to mired in a system that refuses to change, will make America what we want it to be - a more literate country and a hopefuller country." A man who launches legally debatable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan taking no heed of the lesson that Vietnam should have taught America after its crushing failure there.
The only time a British citizen has lower life expectancy than that of an American now seems to be when they are in joint field operations. The recent hostage 'rescue' by American forces resulting in the death of Linda Norgrove occurred as the result of the use of a fragmentation grenade being used in enclosed spaces.
So I put it to the house (as this is a debate) that America is as intellectually vacuous as it is arrogant.
posted by There is no debate at Friday, March-18-2011 23:10pm


we're stupid because we have let the power mad politicians on capitol hill legislate our freedoms away. we're stupid because we have taken for granted those freedoms. we're stupid because we have forgotten that we will have to fight to stay free. we're stupid because we have forgotten world war 2- 60 million people died between 1939 and 1945. we're stupid because we dont think that can happen again. i say we should have ourselves a bloody revolution and take back what wahington has taken from us. if we dont we will all be enslaved.
posted by neil at Sunday, April-24-2011 09:00am


how stupid can a person be..someone above said we got the best universities in the world..haha..the teachers there mostly arent american and neither are the toppers..filled with brains from other cannot be justified!
posted by shady at Wednesday, May-18-2011 13:09pm


It is in common to think that Americans are VERY stupid. Dunno if they just dont care or what. But basic knowledge and analytical thinking teachings WE normally get in elementary school just cannot be found in USA teaching program. If some1 doesnt know basic things about the world /DA/ counry he lives then he is brainless zombie :wall:
Its like most of Americans are ment to be phisical workers payed with food xD
posted by PolishGuy at Friday, November-25-2011 19:44pm

United States of Moronica

I wonder how many Americans has to use a calculator to do the Human Confirmation question?

Americans are as stunned as the day is long. And the day in question is the summer solstice. For you Americans, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year.

If ignorance was bliss, America would be the happiest place on earth.

If clues were shoes, all Americans would be bare foot.
posted by Phil McKraken at Wednesday, December-21-2011 17:52pm


Look in which dog-houses Americans live! Nobody in Germany would prefer this! This is a nation ruled by a military-complex and some billionairs, not by democrats. Obama is nothing else than a brown-painted-straw-figure. He is not even a real black American.
posted by German at Wednesday, January-04-2012 12:56pm


Crop circles, magic, manifest destiny, every freaking farcical conspiracy theory, and every impossible creature imaginable; These are the things my intellectual superiors, the Brits in particular as well as most Europeans, accept as fact.
posted by Joseph Lee at Sunday, January-08-2012 04:55am


c*** ^^ :mad:
posted by therealtrooner41 at Sunday, January-15-2012 19:13pm


f*** me this is the most hilarious thing I've seen all month! I'm seriously cracking up! I wonder if any of those f***tard americans can point out where england is on the map!
posted by Just sooo incredably retarded at Friday, February-17-2012 17:20pm


Me and my friends watch this and we are bloody laughing our heads of we still think Americans are uneducated though! hopefully your goverment will improve or use your money for proper education rather than kill innocent people!
posted by Hannah at Saturday, March-10-2012 19:38pm


Lol, the stupidity of Americans is the second funniest thing in the world, after the hilarity of them trying to defend themselves and pretending they have a clue.
posted by Jones at Sunday, March-11-2012 16:07pm


How many Americans go to Harvard? The American population is much larger than most so there has to be some educated people but the other 90% are complete retards,I don't think that I know anybody who couldn't locate a country on a globe.that one guy that's like "I never knew how much smaller south Korea is compared to north ,like srsly.

The amount of times I've heard of Americans asking Australians if we have a flag ,national anthem,trains and we ride kangaroos and use their pouch as a shopping trolley.

Can't believe they haven't converted to the metric system yet.... Dumbest c***s haha ,even still I have a lot of American friends it's just the majority population that reinforce the stereotype.
posted by Craig at Saturday, April-14-2012 20:56pm

american = dumb

really they r dumb ass
posted by paddy at Sunday, June-10-2012 12:28pm


Ugh....but it is Texas after all...don't judge us all by the Texans please...and I expect they would have cut out any intelligent answer...though frankly I don't think they got one.
posted by Guest at Wednesday, July-25-2012 01:47am


Americans are ignorant. Was having a conversation with an american once and mentioned I was in Canada, he had no freaking idea where Canada was! I can understand someone wouldn't know maybe where Uganda is, but come one... Canada, it's just the 2nd biggest country in the world (the first being Russia) that's just north of the USA. Doh.. F****g stupid.
posted by Pandora at Monday, December-24-2012 04:22am


we are not all like that. i swear however i do apologize for these people i am embarrassed at this honestly, we are not all like though just a few. :red:
posted by omg at Sunday, January-20-2013 06:03am

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