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Brandy Dahl - Hottest Lifeguard

Who wouldn't want to be saved by a hottie like Brandy Dahl?

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Comments for Brandy Dahl - Hottest Lifeguard


I can't believe a video like that goes by and not one single person has commented on it. For Christs sake guys, it's BRANDY DAHL!!!!! Just look at that ass!!! Look at those tits. She's the hottest woman around and nobody says anything! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-04-2007 05:28am


Yuuuup, you got to love Brandy Dahl :pray:
posted by Guest at Monday, April-16-2007 06:04am


I second the ''RKO280'' comment. I've been mesmerised by her pics and videos for a few years now. She is probably the most underrated perfect ''10'' out there. I don't think she has a good agent or marketing rep.(or something). Brandy brings the ''total package'' and she is simply flawless!!
posted by ASSMAN at Monday, February-11-2008 15:46pm


grupos de palomos ke se pasan la vida miran estos kueros con tantas mujeres ke hai en la calle
posted by lastcost at Thursday, August-28-2008 12:45pm

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