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Resident Evil 4 PC Version

The 4th episode of Capcom's greatest hit Resident Evil was a huge success on consoles, but now it's time to hit the PC market as well. In February, get ready for more zombies, more viruses and, you guessed it more of the Umbrella Corporation.

Release Date: Feb 23, 2007

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Comments for Resident Evil 4 PC Version


pc version made it worst game ever, i mean MY f***ING GOD, u cant even move AND shoot, and worse of all NO MOUSE CONTROL, do u really expect pc users to forget their mouse and move back to the 80s and grab a pad ....... insult to all resident evil fans...........................hope its much better on console
posted by Guest at Thursday, March-01-2007 01:02am


It was awesome except for some parts it gets really laggy mainly where el gigante's dissolve and areas with lava.They also made it too bright that areas that are extremely dark are like it's daytime in there.noticeable during your play ashley.Controls aren't so bad.Mouse control would have made it harder to aim because of dodge sequences.Other than that the controls are easy once you remember your key placement.
posted by Guest at Friday, March-02-2007 11:32am


Ok i hate it but i still play it.
I Can't find the 5 and 6 bottons
GOD :doh:
posted by Guest at Tuesday, January-29-2008 05:50am

This is good.

Hello this is my first time to control RE4 Pc evr's okay if there's no mouse.The important is it is really good.
posted by RE4 addict at Sunday, June-01-2008 11:40am

I dont get it

i got the euro version patched to 1.10... and it sais @ system req that a Nvidia FX/6/7 series is suported... then how come my FX5700LE 256MB card plays it @ 800*600 with 6 FPS?? :wall: :wall: :evil: :evil: :evil: i wunna play d*mnit! plz help...
posted by Thund3R at Monday, June-02-2008 11:04am


dont know controls. please list below. thnx! :D
posted by confused guy at Monday, June-09-2008 06:56am

cant play

i have downloaded uk version and after installing usng daemon, it says " insert the correct dvd" , i have tried a lot reinstalling but failed, plz sum1 help me.
posted by Jatin at Friday, June-27-2008 14:02pm

I like it

awesome...re4 pc version has good keys...super...I'll rate this 100 super duper awesome....please list the keys... :clap:
posted by Camella at Friday, September-19-2008 04:01am


posted by rio at Wednesday, September-24-2008 23:06pm


hehe :clap:
posted by albert wesker at Tuesday, February-03-2009 13:47pm


posted by Guest at Monday, February-16-2009 23:39pm


hey every1 who has problems with the installation process jus go to here.... the steps its a simple way to get the game...if u need any help contact me on my e-mail
posted by anonamous at Friday, March-20-2009 01:47am


posted by elias amory al-haddad at Thursday, November-26-2009 19:29pm

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