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Dubai in 2009

Dubai truly is an amazing city. With more ongoing construction projects than any other city, by 2009 it should become one of the most advanced cities in the world.

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Comments for Dubai in 2009


hermoso ese pais , lo maximo, lo que si queria preguntar ala opinion publica, como se llama la cancion de fondo que suena , en el video, me gustaria que pusieran el nombre y el autor , en un comentario y muchas bendiciones para EMIRATOS ARABES UNIDOS , DUBAII :clap:
posted by guisela at Sunday, August-24-2008 22:30pm


is my dream go to dubai, is a beautifule stais i like that so much i dream every day go to dobai i love dubai :D
posted by elda bellaja at Tuesday, April-14-2009 19:59pm


dubai you are nuber one
posted by elda bellaja at Tuesday, April-14-2009 20:08pm


hi i am from are number one dubaiiiiiiii.............a beautifule city. :D
posted by elda bellaja at Wednesday, April-15-2009 13:05pm

albania beautifule my dream .......i like go to dubai. :D
posted by elda at Saturday, May-16-2009 18:46pm


salam alhamdulillah amazing
posted by nur adim shalim at Wednesday, June-10-2009 01:32am

Nice on paper; like communism

We lost money in Dubai. Buying there is a matter of trusting people with you meney who do not answer your questions; they merely fudge an answer to a different question.

As for "The most modern city" Have you seen one solar panel there? Solar Hot water on every building?
Teh price of water?
The price od electricity?

What if everyone in Dubai wants a shower at 7.30 a.m. will the city be able to cope with the morning swhower?

Think about a full city in that heat and the fresh food required.

There is no garuntee on even being able to drink the tap water.

A great city 'in theory'.
posted by European at Thursday, July-09-2009 04:45am


:roll: The most expensive housing in the world.Rents are high. Weather is hot.Serving money laundry mafia to clear their investments through building couple of apartments. Swimming is impossible water is boilingg, On the beach Shower is impossible hot water coming.Artificial
posted by Linda Mooner at Thursday, September-10-2009 06:27am


posted by يوتيوب at Friday, September-11-2009 10:02am


you are cool dubai the most beautifule contry in the world i like go in dubai is my dreammmmmmmm :) :)
posted by elda at Saturday, October-31-2009 22:01pm

Dubai a Lost City

A fake city with fake dreams and as we know the leaders
with brain cells same has a donkey.
Thick as brick and no sense of direction and only direction
they have in sight is buying latest mobile phones, cars and women.
If it was not cause of the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and other workforce they would be dead there by now.
You just imagine a local Emariti cleaning the streets of dubai wearing teh Kundoora(local white dress) or them working on buildings sites with their dress.
If I could I would lift their Kundoora up and slap their ass so hard that they willstart to get some sense in their thick arab brains.
posted by Nitro Dubai at Wednesday, December-02-2009 01:19am


Доставка алкоголя якутск
posted by ThomasSlorp at Tuesday, March-16-2021 04:33am

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