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Awesome > Thursday, March-04-2010

Supernatural - Carry On My Wayward Son

Here's a cool song for all Supernatural fans out there that are still waiting for the next episode (which should be out on 25th of March): Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas.

Awesome > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Awesome Skydiver trick

Awesome > Sunday, February-21-2010

Russian entertainment - jumping in snow from the roof

Awesome > Wednesday, February-03-2010

Best window washer EVER

The difference between a window washer and a master it's experience. :D

Awesome > Thursday, January-21-2010

Why it rocks to be a kid

Awesome > Thursday, December-31-2009

Cool 3D Projection on Buildings

Awesome > Thursday, December-10-2009

First real human interface

Awesome > Thursday, December-10-2009

Synchronized Robot Christmas Dance

Here's the geekiest Christmas dance ever ... did I mention it has robots? :D

Awesome > Thursday, December-10-2009

Real Bears playing Hockey

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Awesome > Monday, November-30-2009

Return of the Ninja Cat

I'm sure you all missed the mighty ninja cat .. so here's the sequel!

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