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Awesome > Thursday, April-23-2009

Monome - the new incredible musicmaker

The monome is a brand new instrument .. sort of, anyone can use to create awesome music. All you need to do is play with it and it's quite hard not to get some interesting beats.

Awesome > Thursday, April-23-2009

Wii vs PS3 vs X-BOX 360

It doesn't matter if you own a Wii, a PlayStation3 or an X-Box 360, you're in the competition .. so which one will win? :D

Awesome > Sunday, April-12-2009

Amazing Michael Jackson Dance

His name is Suleman Mirza and he's the best Michael Jackson-like dancer. Here's his best performance so far at Britain's Got Talent. :clap:

Awesome > Sunday, April-12-2009

Amazing Pizza guy

Some people think they're awesome because they can flip some pancakes in a pan .. this dude can twirl a pizza using just his hands ... actually he can do 2 at a time as well. Now that's cool! :clap:

Awesome > Tuesday, March-31-2009

Katy Perry Ukrainian Version

I'm sure you all know Katy Perry's song Hot & cold, but here's a really original version from Los Colorados. Pure win. :clap:

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Awesome > Tuesday, March-31-2009

Best Guitar Hero Commercial EVER

This has got to be the best Guitar Hero commercial ever made, staring the one and only Metallica and some old buggers like NCAA coaches Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, Rick Pitino and Bob Knight. Awesome :D

Awesome > Friday, March-27-2009

Huge Metal Container Explosions

What can be better than to fill up a huge metal container with carbide gas and then light it up? Now that's a though question. But until you figure out the answer, here's a bit of container explosion fun for you. :cool:

Awesome > Saturday, March-21-2009

Best flight attendant ever

Why aren't all flight attendants like this one?

Awesome > Monday, March-16-2009

Hip-Hop Violin And DJ

You might think hip-hop music and violins can never go together, but as these 2 guys can prove, they can make an awesome combination. :clap:

Awesome > Monday, March-09-2009

32 songs in 8 minutes

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