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Awesome > Wednesday, July-01-2009

History of man through origami

Awesome > Thursday, June-18-2009

Electro Man Summons Star Wars Music

Awesome > Thursday, June-18-2009

Rapping flight attendant talks about accounting

You might remember the rapping flight attendant .. well, he's back and this time he wants to explain generally acceptable accounting principles to Southwest shareholders.

Awesome > Thursday, June-11-2009

Awesome Stop-motion animation: Sorry I'm Late

Awesome > Thursday, June-11-2009

Slinky cat in action

Here's one awesome way to come down the stairs ... if you're a cat! :D

Awesome > Thursday, May-28-2009

Damien Walters - Incredible parkour skills

Meet Damien Walters, also known as Spiderman with some new parkour moves for 2009.

Awesome > Saturday, May-23-2009

Signs - awesome short movie

Here's a really sweet short movie from Patrick Hughes called Signs. Simply because this is the story of every lover one way or another.

Awesome > Wednesday, May-06-2009

100 best movie lines in 200 seconds

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse ..

Awesome > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Awesome Street Musicians Compilation

This really is the best Stand by me cover I've ever seen and what's even more incredible is that there's only street musicians featured ... so that's where all the singing talent was hiding!

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Awesome > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Awesome Waterskiing Monkeys

Believe it or not these 2 monkeys make an excellent team: one of them drives a boat (no, really) and the other does some incredible waterskiing in the back. You just have to see it if you're still not convinced. :o

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