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Funny > Tuesday, January-06-2009

Gun Safety with Plaxico Burress

Here's why gun safety is very very important .. explained by the one and only Plaxico Burress (yeah, from the New York Giants). So, yeah, kids, stay away from those guns.

Funny > Saturday, December-27-2008

Beware teh lazer kitty

Oh noes! It's a kitty! And it's a laser! You don't wanna know what you get when you mix those two!

Funny > Wednesday, December-17-2008

Italian Senator Interview

This senator was actually elected to vote laws and such ... can you imagine him voting for .. anything? :|

Funny > Tuesday, December-16-2008

Bush vs Shoes

This one will most likely become viral soon ... and if you didn't see it already, here it is: Bush getting targeted by 2 shoe thrown by a reporter during a press conference in Iraq. Damn, why didn't he have a better targeting system?

Funny > Sunday, December-14-2008

Coconut Breaking FAIL

It really hurts just to watch this poor guy trying to break the world record for coconut breaking ... and he actually doesn't even manage to break a single one. But then again, at least he put up a good show! :D

Funny > Saturday, December-06-2008

Real life Mario Kart

Gooooooooooooo, Mario!

Funny > Saturday, December-06-2008

He Shoots ... He Almost Scores

It's the final minute of the game and everything depends on him .. he jumps .. he shoots .. and yeah, he almost scored! :D

Funny > Monday, December-01-2008

Awesome Nutshot Prank

Trust me, you'll never see it coming ... that dude sure didn't :D

Funny > Tuesday, November-25-2008

Almost Transformers

Yeah, I think the title does say all ... and some people just have really really crazy ideas.

Funny > Friday, November-14-2008

The funniest KISS parody ever

If you like K.I.S.S. .. you might like P.I.S.S. as well, besides who doesn't like banjo rock?

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