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Cool > Friday, June-20-2008

Every bird should get to fly

Here's another example of a brilliant idea put to practice in a very very very good commercial from Washington lottery: Every bird should get to fly.

Cool > Monday, June-16-2008

Can You Keep a Secret?

Cool > Monday, June-16-2008

Musician Playing a Burning Piano

Some people are so devoted to their work that they'll do it .. even if the piano is on fire. No, really.

Cool > Tuesday, June-10-2008

Cute kitty of the day

Can you resist teh cuteness attack? :P

Cool > Tuesday, June-10-2008

The Spinning Master

Meet Peter, another regular teenager at the first sight ... but don't let that fool you. He can spin .. just about anything. And I really mean that.

Cool > Friday, June-06-2008

NWA - Clean Version

What do you do when you want to listen to NWA's [email protected]%&! The Police but there are children present? Try this version with ... clean lyrics.

Cool > Tuesday, June-03-2008

Firefox 3.0 RC download

Firefox 3.0 can be downloaded by anyone now. It's not that great at some things though, but still, it's ... different.

It seems to run a bit faster and has a few more features ... but it has a really really weird address bar.

Take a look and tell me if you understand anything from it:

Firefox 3.0 wtf
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Cool > Sunday, June-01-2008

The most amazing dance ever

Robert Muraine, also known as "Mr. Fantastic" shows us just how you're supposed to dance. And of course he blew the competition away at the show "So You Think You Can Dance".

Cool > Wednesday, May-28-2008

Bears asking for food

After years of being in captivity, bears learned even how to communicate with people .. well, they figured out how to ask for food at least.

Cool > Thursday, May-22-2008

Sleeping Cat Sticking Out Tongue

And here's your cuuuuuuuuuuuuute video of the day. And yeah, no animals were harmed in the making of this video. :D

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