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Funny > Monday, February-09-2009

Funny cats compilation

When you feel down the best way to cheer up is to watch a cat doing silly stuff .. and trust me, you have plenty of that in this video. So .. enjoy! :D

Funny > Friday, February-06-2009

Fresh Prince Theme: Gangsta Version

Warning: NSFW language!

Funny > Friday, February-06-2009

Yet Another Funny Cats Compilation

You know them, you love them, and they never disappoint. Here's a funny compilation with some of the best moments ... of course, with lots of cats.

Funny > Sunday, February-01-2009

Ready or not ...

Is your kid really really a pain every time you want to do naughty stuff with your mate? Here's a little trick that might just work ..

Funny > Thursday, January-29-2009

Lazy cat on treadmill

Did you ever want to know how you can make your lazy cat lose some weight? Simple, put her on a treadmill! Well, actually ... it might not always be a good idea. :doh:

Funny > Sunday, January-25-2009

Best cat workout program

Is your cat fat? You never manage to take her out for some exercise? Don't worry, here's the perfect workout program for her!

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Funny > Monday, January-19-2009

Ninja Cat Remix

I'm sure you remember the ninja cat .. well, here's an even stealthier version.

Funny > Tuesday, January-13-2009

Old but funny chair prank

Yes, chair pranks never get old .. especially if there's a fat dude around. :D

Funny > Tuesday, January-13-2009

Skater Owned - Mario Style

Yeah, I know, you all like to see people getting owned and if it happens to be a skater .. oh well, they pretty much have "owned" written on their heads anyway.

Funny > Sunday, January-11-2009

What can go wrong?

Here's another cool commercial, this time for Pepsi. What can go wrong?

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