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Funny > Tuesday, April-20-2010

Funny Online Poker Commercial

Here's a very funny ad about what everything online poker is: a very funny game for everyone that just loves to gamble.

Funny > Friday, April-16-2010

Best Durex commercial

Here's the funniest commercial for Durex I've seen for a while. Wait for the end ... you'll understand why later :D

Funny > Sunday, March-14-2010

Funny dog on trampoline

Hey, it seems even dogs can use the trampoline! And this one is sure having fun! :D

Funny > Saturday, March-13-2010

How to Make an Academy Award Winning Movie

It's not that hard to make an "Academy Award Winning Movie", you just need to follow a few basic steps.

Funny > Wednesday, February-03-2010

Happy dog smiling

Here's your cute video of the day: the happiest dog ever.

Funny > Wednesday, February-03-2010

Water prank done right

Here's one of the best pranks ever .. if it's done right. Just watch and learn, children. :D

Funny > Thursday, December-10-2009

Car wash gone horribly wrong

You might think washing your car is an easy job ... well, it turns out to be much harder than that! :doh:

Funny > Monday, November-30-2009

Pole dancer ruins wedding

Be careful who you invite to your wedding! She might not be a that good pole dancer as you think! :D

Funny > Monday, November-30-2009

10 Things You Shouldn't Do In Public Toilet

In case you didn't figure out by now, there really are some things you shouldn't do in a public toilet. Really! :D

Funny > Monday, November-30-2009

Save gas Bangkok style

In case you were wondering what the secret for global warming is .. it seems folks from Bangkok gas stations figured it out already. :D

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