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Cool > Wednesday, May-06-2009

The Olympic Japanese Diving Team

Cool > Wednesday, May-06-2009

UK Student Flash Mob Rave

If you think it's too quiet out there ... maybe you don't know what it means to be in the middle of a student mob rave.

Cool > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Break dancing all over the world

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Cool > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Say no to dirt

This is one really cool ad for an anti-drugs campaign, but I bet many club owners wish this toilet seat was real.

Cool > Friday, April-17-2009

Hudson Plane Crash Hero Vs. Bird

Here's a totally new take on the war between airplane pilots and ducks.

Cool > Tuesday, March-31-2009

Crazy Square-Wheeled Bicycle

The Texas A&M Physics Department's students wanted to prove it's not that crazy to build a square-wheeled bicycle and you can actually ride it quite smooth .. if you have a really bumpy road.

Cool > Thursday, March-12-2009

Office Meltdown

"I can't find my keys in any of these computer monitors!"

Cool > Saturday, March-07-2009

Mega robot animation

Meet mega robot, a ... big robot with some small problems. Isn't he cute?

Cool > Monday, March-02-2009

Girl busted after going on a MySpace date

Did you ever wonder why there are so many rapes in the US? Well, maybe it's because some girls are stupid enough to just go on a blind date with someone they met over MySpace ...

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Cool > Tuesday, February-24-2009

Mac vs PC - Transformers version

Inspired by Transformers, this short Visual Effects piece shows us what really goes on inside our home computers ...

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