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Awesome > Saturday, September-06-2008

How FAST do you want to go?

This is the best commercial I've seen in some time ... although it's damn hard to guess what it actually advertises. :D

Awesome > Saturday, August-30-2008

Awesome Animated Optical Illusion

This trick is over 100 years old, yet .. incredible. Just see for yourself.

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Awesome > Wednesday, August-27-2008


What can happen if you mix a plain dull vacuum cleaner and a Wii remote control? Actually the result is quite impressive ... and yes, some people really have too much time on their hands.

Awesome > Wednesday, August-27-2008

DIY orange smoke grenade bomb

Did you ever wanted to make a smoke grenade in your own kitchen? Erm, even if that never crossed your mind, you'll see how easy it is to make one ... and even color it the way you like (in this case orange).

Awesome > Saturday, August-23-2008

Red Alert 3 Cast Announcement Trailer

The first 2 Red Alert games might not have had impressive actors in the inter-mission movies, but things are sure about to change now: Gemma Atkinson, Jenny McCarthy, Gina "Conviction" Carano (for the hotties) and plenty of actors from the popular TV shows nowadays (trust me, you'll recognize them once you see the trailer).

Awesome > Saturday, August-23-2008

Where do balloons go?

This excellent ad (entitled "The Balloon") from DDB, Paris was made to encourage kids to use their imagination even more - and to watch Tiji, a French television channel for children.

The piano music is a great nod to traditional French films and the silent storytelling is really amazing.

Awesome > Saturday, August-23-2008

Take a seat .. literally

A concept visualization of this graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. An interactive seat which follows the user at the library. So, please take a seat .. and it will follow you.

Awesome > Wednesday, August-13-2008

Law Student Owned By Judge Milian

This prick calls himself a law student ... but it seems no one told him he needs to have some damn manners even if he's learning to be an a**hole .. until now.

Awesome > Friday, August-08-2008

Non-blinking world record ad

How long could you last without blinking? A minute? Five? Well, it doesn't really matter, but watch this ad ... and try not to blink :D

Awesome > Sunday, August-03-2008

Super Chuck Norris Bros

I'm sure you all know Super Mario Bros. ... but here's a mod which will change the lives of all gamers out there: Super Chuck Norris Bros. No, really, it's actually playable (download it here).

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