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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Tuesday, February-10-2009

Redneck way to steal a laptop

It seems you don't really need to be too inventive sometimes to steal something, in this case a laptop. All you need is a bit of patience and incredible guts.

Weird > Friday, February-06-2009

Bowling Ball + Car = Accident

Here's just one of those freak accidents that make you wonder "what the hell were they thinking???" But then again you should be happy someone filmed it for you to enjoy. And yeah, don't try this at home. Or anywhere else.

Weird > Monday, January-26-2009

College Stunt Gone Wrong

When you're in college everything seems like a good idea, especially if you had a few beers that day. So, yeah, what can go wrong with this stunt? :doh:

Weird > Sunday, January-25-2009

How to repair a plasma TV?

Isn't your new plasma TV working properly anymore? Don't worry, here's how you can fix it yourself! All you need is a .. bat!

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Weird > Friday, January-23-2009

Easiest way to transport a car

Yes, there sure are many crazy people out there ... but I do have to admit not many are actually willing to put a cow inside their car. :o

Weird > Sunday, January-11-2009

Real life GTA

Do you think GTA is a bit extreme? Check out this real life video from a webcam in San Francisco.

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Weird > Tuesday, January-06-2009

Crazy RoboCop fried chicken ad

Here's yet another crazy ad coming from Asia. This time it's all about fried chicken. It seems even RoboCop likes 'em ... so how can you not buy it? :wall:

Weird > Saturday, December-06-2008

Electric Car Drag Race

Why would someone organize an electric car drag race? No idea, but you guessed it .. someone actually did it. It's .. quite funny if you watch it really.

Weird > Monday, November-24-2008

Massive Shopping Cart Fail

These guys have FAILED written all over their faces .. and yet they still don't realize it. :doh:

Weird > Wednesday, November-19-2008

Japanese Breast Song

Japan is full of crazy weird stuff .. and this song is a pretty good example: The Oppay Song (The Breast Song). It seems they sing it to their children when they're small. :|

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