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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Friday, July-11-2008

The Seal Dog

Ok, this dog simply has some personality issues ... he doesn't seem to know what a normal dog must do with a ball and keeps playing with it ... like a seal.

Weird > Saturday, May-31-2008

How many time can you say "like" in 30 seconds?

So, like, many times, like, can like, you say "like" like in like, 30 seconds?

Weird > Friday, May-23-2008

Mortal Kombat Redneck Russian Version

You'd think this is a normal fight between drunk Russians ... but wait until one guy picks up the manhole cover as a weapon ...

Weird > Wednesday, May-21-2008

The Lost Sheep Song

This video could easily be also called The Lost Mind Song ... just watch and try not to ask WTF every 2 minutes. :|

Weird > Sunday, May-18-2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer

Some of you might find this weird, but Walt Disney Pictures is actually going to make a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua with the main character ... yes you guessed it: a dog. And we thought the writers guild strike was over ...

Weird > Wednesday, May-07-2008

Weird Nando Fix Ad

When you're a busy woman like this one, using a good patch .. and Nando fix gum is the perfect answer ... erm, if you're that type of woman at least.

Weird > Wednesday, April-30-2008

Assassin's Creed Is a B***h to Quit

Just how hard is it to quit Assassin's Creed? 1? 2? See for yourself.

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Weird > Saturday, April-26-2008

Slide divider vs Nuts

Sometimes you just can't help yourself but laugh when you see some assholes morons hurt themselves .. especially when there's nuts involved.

Weird > Saturday, April-19-2008

Dumb luck at Price is Right

Some people are plain stupid. But only very few of those go to the Price is Right contest. And only one is so dumb and so lucky that actually manages to win a freakin' car. :wall:

Weird > Friday, April-18-2008

Harry Potter - School Is For Losers

Harry Potter is too cool for school ... or at least that's what the creator of this video states.

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