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Funny > Friday, March-27-2009

Bike Stunt Fail

This has to be the shortest bike stunt ever attempted by someone. No, seriously, it's hard to fail even harder! :wall:

Funny > Monday, March-16-2009

What if Adam was gay?

Here's an .. interesting idea: what if Adam was gay, where would we be now? :D

Funny > Thursday, March-12-2009

Canadian Police Chase

Here's a very exciting police chance from Canada! Will the burglars manage to get away or will the police catch the evildoers? That is the question! :D

Funny > Saturday, March-07-2009

Arab on treadmill

You might think there's nothing out of the ordinary with an arab doing some exercise on a regular treadmill .. but wait until you see what happens.

Funny > Wednesday, March-04-2009

Jizz In my Pants

Funny > Wednesday, March-04-2009

Best reporter slip ups

Sure, we all make mistakes ... but when you make a slip up as a news reporter, it sure makes the news (or at least teh Internetz).

Funny > Wednesday, February-25-2009

Best webcam dance ever

Funny > Tuesday, February-24-2009

Best car ad ever

It really isn't that hard to have fun in a car when you have some bouncing boobs nice music!

Funny > Tuesday, February-10-2009

Why it rocks to be a kid

There are some things that you can only do while you are a kid. So you should really take advantage of that. :D

Funny > Tuesday, February-10-2009

The Truth About Porn Sites

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