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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Saturday, November-03-2007

Sodium Disposal in 1947

Sodium residues are a big problem for factories, and in 1947 the easiest solution was to ... dump them in a lake, more precisely in Lake Lenore located in eastern Washington State. The effect is quite spectacular since the reaction creates sodium hydroxide base and hydrogen gas, which ignites creates a bright flame. Of course, no one thought about the effects to the environment, but then again, who would need a clean lake? :wall:

Weird > Friday, October-26-2007

Asshole of the day

Just what kind of an asshole can you be to push a random person into a fountain? And how about if that person is a girl? I don't know that, but I'd sure be pissed as hell if it happened to me. But then again, it's quite funny to watch.

Weird > Tuesday, October-23-2007

Awful Tattoos Compilation

It's quite scary to see what some people tattoo on their skin .. and it's even more painful when you realize those folks will actually have those oddities for all their life. But then again, it's quite easy to make fun of them this way.

Weird > Tuesday, October-16-2007

NYPD Busted Parking in Front of a Hydrant

Did you think New York policemen are working their asses to lower the crime rates and keep you safe? Or perhaps they are trying to bust people who park near hydrants? Nope, not really ..

Weird > Thursday, October-11-2007

Car Cut in Two Live

It's hard to say if this is an amusing or a scary video, but seeing a car cut in two without any special effects is quite cool ...

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Weird > Thursday, October-11-2007

Star Wars Theme Played with Trumpet

Meet Stacy Hedger, one of the worst trumpet players I've heard in my entire life .. and trust me, I did hear plenty of them. She tries to play the Star Wars theme, but only manages to make people either laugh or throw tomatoes at her.

Weird > Tuesday, October-02-2007

Czech health minister Rath beaten LIVE at a conference

Ok, the Czech Republic is one of the coolest countries in the world .. I mean, how many people can be proud to have their ministers beat each other (over personal issues apparently) live in a conference? I don't know about you, but I envy the Czechs.

Weird > Wednesday, September-26-2007

How porn can get you into trouble

A guy heard some screaming inside his neighbor's house and thought a woman was being raped, so he grabbed his sword and barged inside only to find his neighbor ... watching porn. :wall:

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Weird > Monday, September-10-2007

Highway condom test

Didn't you always think about a test on how strong a condom it? Yeah, neither did I, but then again some people simply have too much free time on their hands.

Weird > Friday, September-07-2007

Feeling hungry?

Let's see ... some fresh worms for launch, some fresh animal blood for afternoon tea, perhaps some raw meat too if you're hungry and in the evening how about some insects? If you've never seen Ultimate Survival with Bear Grylls before, you'd better start watching, if you have, then get ready for even more incredible surviving techniques! And have a nice meal.

Caution: please don't eat anything while watching this video unless you're a Resident Evil fan. Thank you.

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