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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Friday, September-25-2009

One very lucky guy nearly takes off his head

This very lucky guy nearly takes off his head with a bullet ricochet.

Weird > Thursday, September-10-2009

$23,148,855,308,184,500 For a Pack of Cigarettes

This surely is the most expensive pack of cigarettes: $23,148,855,308,184,500 - that is $23 quadrillion (£14 quadrillion) - many times the US national debt. How did this happen? No one knows really.

Weird > Tuesday, August-18-2009

RoboGeisha trailer

Teh creepiness is big with this one ... :|

Weird > Wednesday, August-12-2009

Cop vs 200-lb truck tire

A big rig trailer lost one of its tires on a freeway. The tire went rolling at over fifty miles an hour down the freeway coming only the width of a cops gun holster from killing him.

Weird > Wednesday, July-22-2009

Creepy noodles commercial

It's hard to say if this is a commercial for noodles or condoms, but one thing is certain: this is one really creepy Japanese commercial.

Weird > Wednesday, July-01-2009

VW vs. Opel - 2 in 1

Volkswagen or Opel? Now that's a though choice! :think: Why not have them both in one car? Now that's a smart idea. :doh:

Weird > Thursday, June-25-2009

Creepy romanian food commercial

This is just another of those commercials after which you just need to say WTF? ... it comes from Romania and it's supposed to advertise a local type of food called "pufuleti Gusto". Really ... wtf? :o

Weird > Thursday, June-18-2009

Beaver Plane misses take off

Beaver planes can be lots of fun ... but not when the wind starts to kick in. Here's a great example about what can happen if you try to take off in windy conditions.

Weird > Monday, April-27-2009

Rally Car Misses Landing

This driver hits a ramp way too hard which sends him soaring into a bunch of trees.

Weird > Thursday, April-23-2009

Totally Normal Japanese Commercial

Don't worry, it's just a banana commercial .. the only problem is that is comes from Japan. :o

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