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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Thursday, April-23-2009

Totally Normal Japanese Commercial

Don't worry, it's just a banana commercial .. the only problem is that is comes from Japan. :o

Weird > Friday, April-17-2009

Twitchy cat vs printer

That's one really twitchy cat ..

Weird > Saturday, April-11-2009

Arab baby throwing

First step in your life is very important .. especially if you live in a Muslim country. Here's their version of "christening".

Weird > Tuesday, March-31-2009

Beatboxing redneck way

I'm sure you've seen some pretty amazing beatbox shows, well, here's the most weird. :|

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Weird > Friday, March-27-2009

Rock playing fail

Here's something you should keep in mind before doing a bit of rock playback in your car: don't do it if you have airbags! :D

Weird > Wednesday, March-04-2009

Why you should visit Australia

Australia has lots of ... interesting things to see, especially all those little weird poisonous animals that creep from pretty much everywhere. If you don't believe me here's a song that should make more sense. :)

Weird > Wednesday, February-18-2009

Oldelaf - Le Cafe

Some might find this song amusing, some might find it weird, but one thing is for sure: it's catchy!

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Weird > Tuesday, February-17-2009

German Plane Landing Attempt Almost Failed

Wind can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you're an airplane pilot. This guy tried to land a Lufthansa jet in heavy wind condition, thankfully he pulled up and saved 137 lives ... hurray.

Weird > Friday, February-13-2009

The ultimate dog trap

Dogs sure are fun to play with. And if you think your dog needs a cage sometimes, you can try this neat trick. Sure, it won't work on all of them, but it seems some are actually that dumb to fall for it.

Weird > Thursday, February-12-2009

Incredible Train Near Miss

You really need to be crazy to pull a stunt like this when you see a train coming ... and this guy should be very very grateful he was fast enough. :|

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