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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Monday, April-14-2008

U.S. electoral system in a nutshell

For those who think it's hard to understand the US voting system here's a brief explanation on how it works courtesy of Newstopia.

Weird > Saturday, March-29-2008

Iraqi debate about Earth being flat

In 21st century Iraq there's a debate about Earth being flat or round. No, it's not a joke, it's quite sad actually.

Weird > Friday, March-28-2008

Hunter owned by deer

I have no idea why some people call themselves hunters when the only thing they manage to get is a good beating from the poor animals ... like this dude who got owned by a deer he intended to hunt.

Weird > Thursday, March-27-2008

The Dark Knight Homemade Trailer

Some people would do anything to get their 5 minutes to celebrity, even a homemade movie ... well, at least a trailer for their homemade movie. The funny thing is they actually manage to make people laugh a bit. :D

Weird > Wednesday, March-12-2008

Woman Pissed About New Butt Implants

A woman thought she'd have a firmer butt with some silicon implants in the rear end, but guess what: the operation didn't go exactly as planned. I guess she should have asked about the risks as well.

Warning: the images you're about to see can be quite gross.

Weird > Tuesday, March-11-2008

Tennis player killed a pigeon

Yes folks, tennis really is a dangerous game, especially for poor birds that happen to be in the area ...

Weird > Wednesday, March-05-2008

The Ultimate NutShot

This video gives a whole new meaning to the "balls of steel" expression ... I so pity the poor idiot who tried it.

Weird > Tuesday, February-26-2008

Two legged dog pee

I've seen many weird dogs, but this one is simply awesome. Believe it or not, he only pees on two legs in a yoga-like position. :o

Weird > Sunday, February-24-2008

The most annoying toy in the world

Why would someone actually want a screaming chicken? Beats me, but it is damn annoying.

Weird > Sunday, February-24-2008

Soldier Does a Head Twist

Here's something you don't see every day: this soldier does a complete head twist! It might be fake, but then again ... it's quite troubling if it's real.

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