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Weird > Saturday, February-02-2008

Scientology Followers are Crazy

Scientology became the center of attention after Tom Cruise's funny attempt to define it and ever since it's been the target of many videos to incriminate it. What's even more scary is that scientology followers even manage to embarrass themselves.

Weird > Sunday, January-27-2008

Bitch slapping frenzy

Yeah, this one of those videos that makes you just ask yourself WTF is wrong with people?. But then again, it might give some people a sadistic pleasure to see two women bitch slapping each other. Well, it's just like

Weird > Sunday, January-27-2008

Zorba the Greek Zombie Style

Apparently, these zombie looking people are The Chooky Dancers, an aboriginal group from Milingimbi, Australia. They are members of Yolngu families and no, they don't feed on brains, they seem to believe there's a connection between then and the Greek culture, so they presented at the Ramingining Festival a truly unique interpretation of Zorba. I still think they are trying to fool us they're not zombies.

Weird > Wednesday, January-23-2008

Kazumi - the elastic girl

Now that's what I call a talented girl. Just .. wow. :o

Weird > Wednesday, January-09-2008

Home shopping katana slip up

Wanna buy some swords for practice? Then you should definitely try tele shopping ... what could go wrong, eh?

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Weird > Wednesday, January-09-2008

Morons on wheels

Today we present you a bunch of morons bikers that want to impress everyone. Of course, they only manage to do that after they destroy the bike and manage to get themselves in hospital.

Weird > Thursday, December-20-2007

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet

Why would someone tape a dry ice bomb to the helmet he's wearing? Well, let's just say there are lots of weird people around.

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Weird > Tuesday, December-18-2007

Shortest Ambulance Ride Ever

Right, in case not every genius from the hospitals figured it out, when you want to ride an ambulance, before you move, you should first consider locking the door ... otherwise you can join this poor fellow in the "Got Dumped out of the Ambulance" club.

Weird > Tuesday, December-18-2007

Pigeon Hunting Russian Style

Some people tried to hit pigeons with rocks, arrows and even guns but as this guy over here has proven, the best technique is to simply juggle some skewers.

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Weird > Thursday, December-13-2007

Adam Sandler's Worst Movie Ever

You might think Adam Sandler featured in many awful movies, but guess what: the worst hasn't even been launched yet.
A Mossad agent fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist.
Ok, just how lame can that be? Very lame. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (yeah, the name is just as lame) is due for 6th of June 2008. Oh joy.

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