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Funny > Tuesday, November-11-2008

Sweety tennis

Yeah, some might find this ad a bit disturbing, but then again, I bet it still makes you chuckle a bit. :D

Funny > Thursday, November-06-2008

How men talk to their wives

Funny > Sunday, October-26-2008

Wassup 2008 Version

Can you believe it? It's been 8 years since the first Wassup commercial ... and we finally get to see a sequel. And yes, it is about the elections, but who cares anymore? :D

Funny > Sunday, October-19-2008

The Best Bestman

Sometimes a best man can really make a wedding ... priceless. And this guy managed to show the performance of his life.

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Funny > Sunday, October-19-2008

Where's my chips?

Umm yeah, being a big-boobs sexy blonde does have some ... disadvantages too :P

Funny > Monday, October-13-2008

LA I.C.E. Illegal Canadian Enforcement

Nasty buggers those illegal canadian immigrants, and they sure are hard to find! That's why LA I.C.E. was needed!

Funny > Thursday, October-02-2008

Moron jumps into a frozen lake

Russian folks can be quite smart sometimes ... but after a bottle of vodka ... not really. Then again, they still makes us laugh.

Funny > Thursday, September-25-2008

Stupid people compilation of the day

There are many stupid people out there ... but most are not caught on tape for everyone to laugh at ... thankfully we still have some to cheer up our day. :D

Funny > Monday, September-22-2008

How to get a girl

If you ever wondered what's the trick to get a girl, here's your answer .. stickmen style.

Funny > Monday, September-22-2008

Would you like milk in your coffee?

Be afraid, be very afraid when a nice looking woman asks if you milk in your coffee ... you might actually get more than what you want.

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