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Cool > Thursday, September-25-2008

How To Make An Night Flight Frisbee

With the help of a yoyo, you can turn a regular frisbee into a light-powered-frisbee which is awesome to play with at night. Cheap, easy and most important: fun!

Cool > Sunday, September-21-2008

Cute animals of the day: Bambi and Thumper

It's week-end so here's your dose of cuteness: a rabbit and a deer are today's best friends. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Cool > Thursday, September-11-2008

Snake - apartment lights version

I'm sure you all remember Snake - the good old Pac-man-like game, well, some folks wanted to play it again after so many years ... only on a building. Yes, literally, by using apartment lights. :clap:

Cool > Thursday, September-11-2008

World of RunCraft

World of WarCraft might be fun when you're sitting in a chair, but can it be even more fun if you were running instead of your virtual character? Well, these guys tried it out doing a treadmill race across Azeroth.

Cool > Tuesday, September-09-2008

Explosion Sends Mushroom Cloud Into Sky

It's not a nuke, but it's pretty much the closest thing we can get without using bombs: a train derailment sends a wicked mushroom cloud into the sky. No one got hurt in the process.

Cool > Saturday, September-06-2008

Parallel Parking World Record

You think you're good at parking? Watch this video and see what it really means to have some skills.

Cool > Saturday, September-06-2008

Living with cats and dogs

If you think your life is too boring ... try getting a dog (or if you feel really lucky a cat) and it will definitely get much more interesting. :D

Cool > Saturday, August-30-2008

Top 20 Olympic Fail

You might have seen the best 20 Olympic moments .. well, get ready to see the worst.

Cool > Wednesday, August-27-2008

Best use for a batter cup

It seems Craig Monroe actually find a good use for this batter cup ... and it actually worked!

Cool > Tuesday, August-12-2008

Rice paddy time-lapse art

This stop-motion video of the 2008 Inakadate rice crop art is composed of still images captured daily from June 1 to July 3, 2008 via the roof webcam at the adjacent town hall. The 3.7-acre work features the images of Daikoku, god of wealth (left), and Ebisu, god of fishers and merchants (right), which were created using five different colors of rice plants.

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