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Sexy > Saturday, January-26-2008

Rachel Bilson's Sexy Photoshooting for GQ

Rachel Bilson, or Summer Roberts as you might know her from The O.C. is not only a talented actress, but as you are about to see a very sexy one as well. Men magazine Maxim placed her 6th in their hot 100 list and I bet she'll get even higher if she keeps up this way. Let's admire her now in this sexy pictorial photo shooting for GQ.

Sexy > Sunday, January-20-2008

Hot Girl of the Day: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes didn't attract that much attention in the first few movies she played in, but after Hitch it's a fact: she is a hottie. Let's face it: any chick with a hot body and latino accent is sure to get every men in the room drooling at her. So there you have it, folks: Eva Mendes in all her beauty .. and in some of the sexiest shots ever.

Sexy > Wednesday, January-16-2008

Sara Underwood - Sexiest Playmate of 2007

Sara Underwood, born March 26, 1984 in Oregon is an American hot model and student at the Oregon State University. How much hotter than that can it get? Well, after she was featured in Playboy for the first time in 2005 no one could get enough of her. Everyone loved her so much that she was declared Playboy's 2007 Playmate of the Year. Now that's what I call a hottie.

Sexy > Saturday, January-12-2008

Natasha Yi - Sexy Korean of the Day

If you still don't know who Natasha Yi is, shame on you! She was featured almost 10 times in men magazine Playboy - Asian Beauties, Wet & Wild, Sexy Girls Next Door to name just a few. She is talented in modeling, motorcycling and even kickboxing. Needless to say, this girl has plenty of talents. :cool:

Sexy > Friday, January-11-2008

Best of Heidi Montag

You probably know Heidi Montag from MTV's show The Hills. She is currently working on her first music album - which she declared that "will be very sexual". We'll have to wait and see if she keeps her promise, but of course, we can still admire her sexy body meanwhile.

Sexy > Wednesday, January-09-2008

Hottest photos of Elisha Cuthbert

It's been a while since we last saw Elisha Cuthbert in a movie, or even a sexy slideshow, but fear not, we have a new video with some of her hottest photos. There you have it, folks, one of the best compilations with the one and only Elisha Cuthbert (a.k.a. the hot blonde from 24).

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Sexy > Monday, January-07-2008

Hottest Moments with Bobbi Billard

Bobbi Billard started her career as a professional wrestler, and soon showed her talents as bikini, lingerie, fitness, and glamour model and even actress. Now that's a lot of skills if you ask me, but if you take a look at this video you'll see why everyone likes her so much. So, there you have it, folks, Barbara "Bobbi" Billard.

Sexy > Wednesday, January-02-2008

Cameron Diaz picture set

Sexy > Tuesday, January-01-2008

Brooke Hogan hot video

Sexy > Sunday, December-30-2007

Hot Jaime Pressly tribute video

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