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Cool > Monday, December-01-2008

Video made from 41 commercials

Commercials can be quite boring ... but if you combine 41 of them you can actually get something interesting. (I sometimes wonder how some people have so much time on their hands.)

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Cool > Tuesday, November-25-2008

Panda Babies Playing With Slide

For the cuteness overload of the day we have ... panda babies. And if that wasn't all, they're playing with a slide ... awwww, can you resist it? :D

Cool > Wednesday, November-19-2008

Better kicker than Ronaldinho

If you're a soccer fan you probably know about Ronaldinho's famous video where he hits the cross bar 8 times in a row ... so here's the Romanian version of that. :D

Cool > Tuesday, November-11-2008

Fall Out Boy Misheard Lyrics

I think the singer from Fall Out really needs some diction lessons ... although this way he gets more popular on funny blogs. :wall:

Cool > Thursday, November-06-2008

How to make fire with potato

You need a light, but you don't have a match around? Don't worry .. all you need is a potato, salt, some toothpaste, 2 wires, 2 toothpicks and a cotton ball. Of course if you have all those around the chances are you have a damn match, but still, here's how to make fire with those.

Cool > Sunday, October-26-2008

How Not To Unload A Sport Car

Yes, some people are this stupid ... even if there's a very expensive sport car envolved.

Cool > Friday, October-24-2008

The Font Conference

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away ... there was a bunch of fonts. And since they got bored they decided to have a conference ...

Cool > Sunday, October-19-2008

Kitty vs printer

In the right corner ... we have kitty ... the cat. In the left corner we have ... printy ... the printer. It's gonna be a fight to the death! And it can only be one winner! FIGHT!

Cool > Thursday, October-02-2008

Wonderful World Shadow Puppet

Yea, the world is wonderful and this way of showing it sure is amazing.

Cool > Sunday, September-28-2008

Teh Cat Song

It's Sunday .. so it's the cuteness overload time! Get ready .. it's the Cat Song time!

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