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Cool > Monday, March-15-2010

Girls, Rio Carnival costumes, beer and football. The perfect mix?

What happens when you bring together the beautiful game, amazing costumes from the ultimate football nation – we’re talking Brazil of course – and everyone's favourite Dutch export? Whatever you’re imagining, it probably isn't this…

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Weird > Sunday, March-14-2010

Fake Egg China Eggs

It seems that the Chinese have found out a way how to make fake eggs! I hope they don't plan on actually selling them though. :-/

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Funny > Sunday, March-14-2010

Funny dog on trampoline

Hey, it seems even dogs can use the trampoline! And this one is sure having fun! :D

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Funny > Saturday, March-13-2010

How to Make an Academy Award Winning Movie

It's not that hard to make an "Academy Award Winning Movie", you just need to follow a few basic steps.

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Cool > Wednesday, March-10-2010

Iron Man 2 Official Trailer

Behold the brand new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Iron Man 2.

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Awesome > Tuesday, March-09-2010

A Guide To Taking Better Pictures of Yourself

Here's a really cool guide on how to take better photos of yourself - YouTube style.

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Awesome > Thursday, March-04-2010

Supernatural - Carry On My Wayward Son

Here's a cool song for all Supernatural fans out there that are still waiting for the next episode (which should be out on 25th of March): Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas.

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Awesome > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Awesome Skydiver trick

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Weird > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Never invite this guy to your wedding

Some guys don't know how to dance, but this drunk dude is pathetic to say the least .. or maybe he didn't have sex in ages :D

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Cool > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Guys Race a Moped on Frozen Lake

No idea why would someone want to ride a bike on a frozen lake, but it seems these guys did want to try racing a moped ...

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