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Funny > Thursday, November-30-2006

The Ballad Of The Noob

A level 1 noob from World of Warcraft takes on a level 60 undead.

This video is actually a finalist from Xfire Summer Contest. Funny as hell still.

Gooo, n00b :D
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Comments for The Ballad Of The Noob

Sucked ass

Yep Sucked Ass
posted by Guest at Tuesday, August-28-2007 22:18pm

Sooo fake

You could have made it at least SEEM realistic. There's no way a level 1 could equip soulbound gear the HC had, let alone jump on his horse afterwards
posted by Guest at Monday, November-05-2007 09:04am


That was gay, he was soo not level 1.
posted by Guest at Sunday, April-20-2008 22:33pm

too funny

so not real but i loved it it was fing hilarious.
especially when he got PWNED.
posted by HAHHA at Wednesday, May-14-2008 01:30am


:clap: :clap:
posted by Bates at Thursday, June-05-2008 17:47pm

Master Bates

Hrrrm...That noob woulda been like :clap: :clap: And the lvl 60 woulda been like :doh: :hand: :wall: :red: :cry:
posted by Master Bates at Thursday, June-05-2008 17:51pm

Nice Ballad!!!

nice work, it wasn't realistic, even for WoW, but nice ballad and vid!
posted by The1HooRly Maders at Monday, November-17-2008 21:02pm


posted by Guest at Thursday, April-09-2009 08:42am


Great job, if you play wow you know it isn't realistic, but I'd like to see the noobs who said it sux do better. VERY good job my friend
posted by Jew at Thursday, May-14-2009 19:38pm

Great Video!

I just recently started playing WoW so I'm not sure how everything works yet. However, this video was great. Thanks for the laugh and the hope that a lowely level 3 Undead Warlock like myself could beat down a level 60. :pray:
posted by BOOMsTICK at Friday, May-15-2009 17:21pm

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