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Casino and Mortage ads on frontpage

Online advertising made a huge profit in the last few years and this market seems to be increasing, but how far can some go with this?

Only a few days ago, the website for the popular PHP forum system phpBB changed its look (it seems to be very nice by the way), but with it, I also noticed something changed (or perhaps it just popped into my eyes now). front page screenshot

As I look at the bottom of the page I see some links, nothing too special about that, many websites have contact, about and other website related links there, but as I looked closer this wasn't the case:

Casino link on

Ok, Online Casino? Mortgage Rates? Personal Injury Lawyer? :|

I was just shocked. Links to such websites on a totally unrelated website and with the PageRank 9? PR 9?. There are only 148 domains with PR 9 on the entire web and this one had such links on their front page (actually all their pages). Unbelievable.

How much money did they get from this? Most likely a lot. And of course, phpBB is supposed to be OpenSource, free, well loved by developers and so on.

Of course, all this is legal, but is it morally right? I think not. But then again, who can do anything about it?
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Comments for Casino and Mortage ads on frontpage

morally right?

yes, clearly casinos have very little concern regarding morality. in a morally relative world, who cares?
posted by casino at Thursday, February-07-2008 10:30am

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