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Awesome > Sunday, July-29-2012

Just a dog riding a bike

Yup, this is just a normal dog that does what any normal dog does ... erm, actually no, he's not exactly normal, but he does enjoy riding the bike!

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Awesome > Monday, June-11-2012

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong

Just how cool was Bruce Lee? Well, he's definitely a badass. Just take a look at how he plays table tennis (ping pong).
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Weird > Saturday, May-05-2012

DIY How to make a hamburger in Japan

Did you ever wonder what kind of sick stuff you can buy in Japan? Well, here's one: DIY make-your-hamburger-at-home pack. Seriously .. someone actually invented this thing. :wall:

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Awesome > Sunday, February-05-2012

Best phone manual ever

This is how all phone manuals should look like ...

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Cool > Saturday, February-04-2012

This kid dances better than you

You think you're good at dancing? Here's an amazing kid that will put you to shame.

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Cool > Sunday, January-22-2012

Violin player vs Nokia phone

What do you do when a stupid phone starts to ring in the middle of your concert? You handle it .. like a boss.

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Cool > Wednesday, January-18-2012

Still Alive played on Floppy Drives

Do you remember Portal's awesome song "Still alive"? Well, here is an unique version of it played on .. floppy disk drives.

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Awesome > Wednesday, January-18-2012

TWO HANDED Drawing Master

Drawing is quite hard for most people when they use one hand, but this guy manages to draw 2 separate portraits with both hands .. at the same time. :o

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Awesome > Thursday, January-12-2012

Amazin Ring Art

Just how cool can someone be with just 4 rings? Incredibly cool!

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Awesome > Saturday, January-07-2012

How to chop wood in Germany

Here's how you chop wood in Germany. Like a boss.

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