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Awesome > Saturday, January-07-2012

Like a BUS!

No one screws around with bus 62!

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Awesome > Friday, January-06-2012

Huge Cliff Collapse caught on Camera

Here's a huge cliff collapse that happened in Cornwall. That's what coastal corrosion means, folks. Really amazing to catch it on camera though.

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Cool > Friday, January-06-2012

This cat is better than you

Just how good do you think you are at the shell game? Well, this cat is better than you. Seriously.

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Funny > Friday, January-06-2012

Backstreet Boys - Guys vs. Cartoon

Do you remember the Backstreet Boys? Well, certainly not like this.

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Awesome > Monday, October-31-2011

Super Fast Spray Paint Artist

Just how awesome can a painting be if it takes just 1 minute to make it? You sure won't see this one coming ..

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Cool > Wednesday, August-31-2011

100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

In case you've missed it, here's a short recap on how people dressed over the past .. let's say 100 years.

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Funny > Friday, August-05-2011

Funny static dog

Animals sure can be funny. The recipe is quite simple: one fluffy dog, one blankets and lots of fun. :D

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Awesome > Monday, June-13-2011

Angry Birds Live

Did you ever want to play Angry Birds in real life? Well, some actually got the chance to do this.

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Awesome > Thursday, April-21-2011

El Teide Timelapse

Here's an incredible timelapse from El Teide - Spain's highest mountain. See how the sky really looks like.

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Funny > Wednesday, April-13-2011

Real boxing cat

Who said cats don't know how to box? Here's the proof they can, and very well in fact.

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