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Biggest bubble gum in the world

I'm sure you've always wondered just how big a bubble gum can be (yeah, me neither), so this woman (Susan Montgomery Williams) made one almost 60 centimeters wide. She might not win any beauty contest, but at least she's good at blowing.

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Comments for Biggest bubble gum in the world

biggest bubble gum in the world

this is cool
posted by sam at Saturday, February-16-2008 17:44pm


jujajajajaja esta re bueno este video ella es una kapa de soplar la felicito :) :clap: :doh: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :red: :roll: :( :)
posted by h at Thursday, April-17-2008 00:55am

elchicle de globo mas grande del mundo jaaj

cuando vi el comentario me pareco una pabada pero cunando lo la q lo fue fue una capa jajaj genial ojala q puedan acer otras chicas o chicos jajjja re bueno
posted by romina at Friday, July-04-2008 14:14pm


Le gano así nomás!
posted by Loreen at Saturday, November-22-2008 14:05pm

Yes, SMW, greatest bubble blower ever!

If you like big bubbles, check out our website, where we have the biggest bubbles ever blown. It's Co Created by Susan Montgomery Williams, who is Guinness World Record Holder for blowing the biggest bubble!
posted by Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson at Saturday, February-07-2009 16:46pm


:wall: :wall: :wall: :clap: :doh: :hand: :pray: :think: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :( :)
posted by Guest at Saturday, February-28-2009 14:31pm


soy un :wall: pero cuando me pongo mis :cool: soy :clap:
posted by Guest at Saturday, February-28-2009 14:32pm

Oh My God

WOW The end part was great..not a very attractive girl..oh well. She can blow bubbles! lol
posted by PokerFace at Friday, March-13-2009 23:04pm

This video has nearly 1,000, 000 hits!

And probably over a million by the time you read it.

Susan Montgomery Williams is the greatest bubble blower ever. Has held the Guinness World record for almost 30 years now. Helped create the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, bubblegum's greatest contest, to give the world a shot at some of the bubblegum fame and glory she achieved.

Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson
posted by Bobby "Boom Boom" Bickerson at Wednesday, June-10-2009 21:44pm


:clap: :doh: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :( :) :think: :think: :think: :think: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by joelie at Monday, December-21-2009 23:08pm

q se yo solo kiero poner caritas

:clap: :doh: :hand: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :| :red: :roll: :( :)
posted by paula at Wednesday, January-13-2010 19:35pm

yo kiero hacer lo mismo q la de arriba,,jajaja

estoy muy aburrido :-/ :cry: :evil: :mad: :red: :roll: :( :( :clap: :doh: :hand: :hand: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :mad: :| :roll: :) :roll: :roll: :mad: :mad: :cool: :-/ :D :D :D :think: :think: :hand: :hand: :pray: :pray: :clap: :doh: :hand: :hand: :pray: :think: :think: :D :-/ :-/ :cool: :cool: :cool: :o :-/ :wall: :wall: :think: :pray: :pray: :clap: :clap: :doh: :hand:
posted by mau at Wednesday, January-13-2010 19:38pm

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