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How not to park your car

This dude thought he found a nice spot to park his Range Rover. Guess what? It wasn't a very good idea.

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Comments for How not to park your car


roflmao! f***ing moron! hahahah! pwnt!
posted by jew at Tuesday, March-11-2008 20:57pm


posted by bb at Tuesday, March-11-2008 21:04pm


haha aww thats why I probably wouldn't be allowed to live in a place with snow or water :)
posted by Amber Maye at Wednesday, March-12-2008 02:06am


posted by Guest at Thursday, March-13-2008 15:46pm


looks kinda fake.. why would someone be filming that?
posted by ash at Sunday, March-16-2008 13:36pm

Everything Things

Classic! I feel bad for him though. Hilarious post :) :)
posted by Manda at Sunday, March-16-2008 15:24pm

What happened?

It didn't really look like they lost control of the car or skidded on ice. I wonder what happened? Also, how is the car moving forward and not sinking in the pool? Hmm...
posted by Maegan at Sunday, March-16-2008 17:11pm

Reflecting Pond

It's not a swimming pool, it's a fountain pool or reflecting pond. It's only a couple feet deep, that's why he can still drive around.
posted by chejrw at Saturday, March-22-2008 17:55pm


posted by Katie at Wednesday, March-26-2008 12:25pm

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