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Lena Headey vs Keira Knightley

Lena Headey is one of the most recent discovered hotties, featured in the blockbuster 300. Keira Knightley is without a doubt another famous hottie, well known for her amazing talent and beauty, both shown in Pirates of the Carribean. Watch this video and see if you can tell them apart.

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Comments for Lena Headey vs Keira Knightley

No Comparison

Keira is a pale skeletal imitation of Lena. Keira has no figure a huge forehead and an underbite. Lena well damn. Flawless.
posted by Guest at Tuesday, September-04-2007 03:09am

Lena who??????????????''

keira all the way she's perfect natural.....wait a moment Lena who????????
haha :D
posted by florencia at Saturday, November-15-2008 08:26am

Keira all the way

please ...god of heavens ...who is lena Headey?????????????????????
Keira can hit her with onne finger and make her disappear ... damn Keira all the way!!!!
really Who is that stuff ??????????
posted by maría at Thursday, November-20-2008 05:44am

Untitled comparison.!!! Keira is the girl!!!! she's amazing like an actress...and extremely ......sorry Lena wathever........:)
posted by Guest at Thursday, November-20-2008 05:46am


haha please :pray: keira rocks!!!!!!!!! :clap:
that lena is so bouring...and who knows her!!! ....common....
I love Keira!
posted by maría at Thursday, November-20-2008 05:49am


Also mal ehrlich, Keira Knightley ist doch sowas von ungeil. Klapperdünn und Ausstrahlung einer Bratwurst.
Lena Headey dagegen ist 'ne richtige Schnitte. Lecker Mädchen!! :roll:
posted by J. at Friday, January-16-2009 11:32am


Lena es una hermosa mujer madura con una tayectoria que ya quisiera esa niñata. No hay comparación entre la belleza natural de Lena y la artificial de la niña esa. Por favor! a quièn se le ocurrió tan tonta comparación? Lena se la lleva de calle por muchisisisimo.
posted by Anonimo at Saturday, January-17-2009 02:29am


Lena is hotter than Keira!!
Godd Lena rocks :evil: :evil:
don't compare them Lena is better
posted by YAkk at Saturday, January-24-2009 04:21am


lena o.O DIE geilste !!!
naja...keira is nicht grad schäbig ... kommt aber nicht an lena ran ;)
posted by Guest at Sunday, February-22-2009 14:33pm

As time goes by - LENA!!

Lena Headey becomes a beautiful woman, so smart and funy at the same time, she is an excelent actress (Imagine Me&You, 300...) and above all she is a good person.
posted by May at Monday, June-22-2009 11:12am


Кира Наитли говно. реальное говно. У нее ассиметричное тело и даже лицо. Нет груди и толстые бедра. Есть доска два соска - это доска без соска. Просто соска. причем даже с соской я возможно погорячился.
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-21-2010 17:11pm

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