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Top 10 T-Shirts

10. Best HTML tag

Tits tags

9. Just stop staring at them!

Stop staring at my jugs

8. Best teacher

Teach masturbation

7. A nerd's dream

I love nerds

6. Windows T-shirt

Windows crash shirt

5. Digg nation

Digg nation

4. Love/hate

Love hate
Yes, I know it's old, but it's still a clever design.

3. Equalizer T-shirt

Equalizer T-shirt

2. If u c4n e34d th1s ...

If u c4n e34d th1s

1. The Firefox T-Shirt

Firefox T-Shirt


She may not be perfect ..

Bonus parts

Cow girl

Cow girl

One damn fine cleavage

One damn fine cleavage
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Comments for Top 10 T-Shirts


The equalizer T shirt is s***.

I got one for my birthday, it only works properly with low level sound... if you go to a club, it doesnt work.

Plus you have to walk round with a heavy battery pack hanging off it.

But worst of all, it looks s***, it makes you look like a geek.
posted by Guest at Tuesday, August-21-2007 19:14pm


These shirts r ok...but some of them r just plain weird. :hand:
posted by Guest at Monday, August-18-2008 23:56pm


posted by vamsi at Sunday, February-15-2009 18:44pm

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