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Funny > Friday, November-26-2010

When being stupid actually hurts

Yes, being stupid does hurt. Literally. See this guy.
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Funny > Monday, November-22-2010

In Soviet Russia Mice Hunt Cats

Be afraid, be very afraid! In Soviet Russia cats don't hunt rats, no sir, it's the other way around!

Funny > Sunday, November-21-2010

Opulence, I Has It

Here's the best TV commercial you'll see .. well, today. It's for DirecTV. And yeah, it's damn good. Enjoy!

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Funny > Thursday, September-16-2010

This is cute

Here's something that will cheer you up today: an incredibly cute girl singing "Heal the World". Awwwwwwww.

Funny > Saturday, September-04-2010

Epic kitty freak out

You'd better watch out for this kitty and for everyone's sake do not try to pet it.

Funny > Thursday, July-08-2010

Secret Language of the Vancouver Canucks

They might not be quite as good lately, but the Vancouver Canucks sure have an interesting secret language!

Think about all that money you would have saved if you didn't spend it on all those Canuck losers ... in fact you could have gotten some great Vancouver escorts with that money and had a night to remember for the rest of your miserable life!

Funny > Tuesday, May-25-2010

Lost Explained by Cats

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Funny > Wednesday, May-05-2010

The iPad is so simple to use even a cat can use it

Here's the ultimate usability test: when even your can cat can use the product ... then it's really well tested. :)

Funny > Wednesday, May-05-2010

Dead man joke

This joke is not for those with a weak heart condition ... but really funny for everyone else. :D

Funny > Tuesday, April-27-2010

Neat Merry-Go-Round Headbutt Trick

When someone's in a Merry-Go-Round .. well, you might want to stay away sometimes. :doh:

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