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Funny > Tuesday, September-01-2009

Fish 1 - Cat 0

Funny > Tuesday, September-01-2009

Scooter Showoff Owned by Pole

Let's just say that if you want to go head to head with a pole ... the chances are not exactly good. :D

Funny > Tuesday, September-01-2009

What to do when your girlfriend spends to much time in the bathroom

If you're pissed off by your girlfriend who always needs half an hour to do the make up here's a little trick to speed it up.

Funny > Friday, August-21-2009

How to get kicked out of a pizza place

Do you think you can get kicked out of a pizza place because ... you're eating pizza? Yup, sore you can if you're this guy :D

Funny > Tuesday, August-18-2009

Do you want to date my avatar?

Here's a song made especially for all WoW fans ... Do you want to date my avatar?

Funny > Monday, August-17-2009

Tv show host can't stop laughing

This is amazing. The show's host starts asking questions to his guests, and when he hears the man's voice he can't hold it. :D

Funny > Wednesday, August-12-2009

Sports host's mic stays on during bathroom visit

Rod's mic accidently stays on and goes out on air while he makes a pit stop.

Funny > Wednesday, August-12-2009

Dumb Girlfriend Owns Herself with Voicemail

JD's girlfriend somehow forgot he was going to Europe for two weeks and wouldn't be able to return her messages. This is what he found when he got back.

Funny > Thursday, July-23-2009

Literal Eclipse of the Heart

I'm sure you know Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I bet not this way. :D

Funny > Wednesday, July-22-2009

I feel quitty

This is Sarah Palin's resignation song by Hockey Mama for Obama.

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