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Cool > Monday, April-21-2008

DIY Secret Bottle Stash

Who needs a safe when you can hide your precious belongings in a ... bottle of cola? Sounds crazy? It really is one of the few places a burglar will NEVER look and it's so easy everyone can do it. :cool:

Cool > Saturday, April-19-2008

Kitty vs. Cake

Here's the kitty of the day: she's not very good at scratching, but at least she trying.

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Cool > Tuesday, April-15-2008

Japanese bottle rocket launcher

Did you always want to fly but never had enough money for a plane ticket? Here's the solution for you: grab a bunch of soda bottles and strap them on your back. Safety belt not included.

Cool > Saturday, April-12-2008

Pirate ship cubicle

Are you bored if your regular cubicle? Why not turn it into a pirate ship then? .. or at least make it look like one ..

Cool > Thursday, April-10-2008

Call of Duty 4 Techno Remix

You can't say you're a real Call of Duty 4 fan until you played this techno remix in your player ... and when you think about it, it's not even that bad.

Cool > Tuesday, April-08-2008

How to get into any club for FREE

Getting into a cool club it's quite hard these days, especially if you're a nobody. But this guy figured out a way to get into any club and the best part: for free! Oh yeah, all you need is a pair of headphones, some weird sunglasses, a crazy outfit and most important: a huge bag of records with you. Works like a charm.

Cool > Sunday, April-06-2008

Bear Playing Hockey

Hockey is one cool sport, so cool in fact that even bears love it. Don't ask how, but this particular bear managed to learn even how to play it. I hope he didn't learn about in-game fights as well.

Cool > Saturday, April-05-2008

Flexible Girl Playing Pool

Cool > Saturday, April-05-2008

Train station display hacked

You might think train station displays are quite secure since they cost pretty much a fortune, but this guy managed to hack the one in Utrecht Central Station with his very own mobile phone. Too bad he didn't say how though.

Cool > Friday, March-28-2008

Crawfish vs cat

What do you get when you put a crawfish and a curious cat face to face? Well, in the end you get a few minutes of fun and a very stressed out crawfish pretty much.

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