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Cool > Saturday, November-20-2010

This Bird Actually Shakes His Tailfeather

This bird sure loves to dance! Oh yeah! Shake it, shorty! :clap:

Cool > Saturday, September-04-2010

Two cute dogs on a treadmill

Here's the perfect recipe to make everyone say "awwwwwwwwwwwww": take two incredible cute dogs and put them on a treadmill. Enjoy.

Cool > Friday, April-30-2010

Wolf dog sings to a baby and stops him from crying

A breed of wolf-dog sings to a baby and surprisingly calms him.

Cool > Tuesday, April-27-2010

Dragostea din tei - opera version

You thought you got away from the good old Dragostea din tei? Well .. though, here we go again, this time with an opera version. :clap:

Cool > Tuesday, April-27-2010

Cane toads have conquered Australia

Here's a really cool video from the Western Australian School of Art Design about ... cane toads. It might sound funny, but it's actually pretty true. Still an awesome video. :clap:

Cool > Tuesday, April-20-2010

Funniest NFL Moments

NFL can sometimes be really funny. Here's a funny compilation with some of the best moments.

Cool > Monday, March-15-2010

Girls, Rio Carnival costumes, beer and football. The perfect mix?

What happens when you bring together the beautiful game, amazing costumes from the ultimate football nation – we’re talking Brazil of course – and everyone's favourite Dutch export? Whatever you’re imagining, it probably isn't this…

Cool > Wednesday, March-10-2010

Iron Man 2 Official Trailer

Behold the brand new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Iron Man 2.

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Cool > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Guys Race a Moped on Frozen Lake

No idea why would someone want to ride a bike on a frozen lake, but it seems these guys did want to try racing a moped ...

Cool > Wednesday, February-03-2010

How NOT to Dock A Ship

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